Trademarks have become common nouns (in terms of the legislation of the Russian Federation "entered into common use to designate goods of a particular kind") - a set of trademarks that have become synonymous with their product category.

A household may be signs of monopoly or absolute leaders in the product category through the identification in the mind of the trademark with the category as a whole. For example, "diapers" refers to all diapers desiccant bed, not only the product of Pampers.

It is widely believed that the transfer of the trademark in common names plays into the hands of the company. In reality, however, the transition of a trademark in general use as the name of the product category, resulting in the termination of legal protection [1], and opens the possibility of using any manufacturer.

Aqualung (Aqua-Lung) - light apparatus for underwater breathing. Who is a trademark owned by Aqua-Lung US Divers.
Aspirin (Aspirin) - acetylsalicylic acid (anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic drug). Trademark Bayer
Airbus (Airbus) - wide-body airliner. In the Soviet Union the word was nominal status, is now beginning to lose it as dating people with the products of Airbus.

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) - oil products, used in the manufacture of cosmetic Vaseline is a trademark cosmetics company Unilever (formerly belonged to the inventors of Vaseline Chesebrough-Ponds).

Hercules - oatmeal (in honor of cereals "Hercules", popular in the Soviet Union).
Heroin (Heroin) - opioid, initially applied as a strong painkiller. Initially trademark Bayer
Grammophon (Gramophone) - a mechanical device for reproducing recordings. Gramophone Company was founded by Emile Berliner in contrast to Edison and was the first who began to produce the record in a flat disk. In 1931, the Company and the Gramophone Graphophone merged into EMI.
Word Gramophone recognized household name.

Jacuzzi (Jacuzzi) - a hot tub. The company Jacuzzi Inc. still exists today
Jeep (Jeep) - SUV. The word is derived from the abbreviation of JP (JP) in the title of the car «Willys JP», produced by the company, "Willis" during World War II. Trademark Daimler Chrysler.
Voice Recorder (Dictaphone) - a recording of speech. Dictaphone Company in its history changed hands many times, and is now part of Nuance Communications.
Diplomat (Diplomat) - a small bag of solids
Dichlorvos - any insecticide sprays. It got its name because of the Soviet insecticide «dichlorvos».
Dremel (Dremel) - electric tools for shape cutting of sheet metal, with grinding wheel motor. Popular among modders computers, as well as among modelers.

Jumar (Jümar) - in climbing device for lifting the rope. Named in honor of the Swiss factory Jümar.

Yo-yo (Yo-Yo) - a toy on a string flywheel. Named after the Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company (opened in 1928). In 1965, the Court concluded that the word yo-yo is a household name.

Maps (Go-Kart) - lightweight racing car. Go-Kart company went bankrupt in 1962
Kevlar (Kevlar) - Durable synthetic fibers used for bullet-proof vests, composite materials, etc. Trademark DuPont.
Sneakers (Keds) - lightweight sports shoes
Kiwi (Kiwi) - Chinese Actinidia, fruit (grown in New Zealand fruit is sold under a brand name)
Xerox (Xerox) - electrophotographic copier. Xerox company still exists today.

Lycra (Lycra) - a synthetic fiber that is used to sew tight clothes. The trademark belongs to the company Imvista, now division Koch Industries.
Plasters (Leukoplast) - medical plaster bandages for fastening
Linoleum (Linoleum) - Flexible flooring, a mixture of oil with powdered filler.

Tape (Magnetophon) - a device for sound recording on magnetic tape and playing it
Multilok (Mul-T-Lock) - Car lock high reliability. The company Mul-T-Lock exists today.

Nagan (Nagant) - Model pistol, revolver designed Leon (Belgium, 1892). Due to the civil war, called "revolver" revolver stuck for any (not only of Nagano). Now the word has lost almost nominal status.
Nylon (Nylon) - synthetic polyamide used in the production of chemical fibers going to manufacture any type of tissue. Trademark DuPont
Procaine (Novocaine) - pain medicine (generic name procaine)

Cologne (Eau de Cologne) - literally: Cologne water. Perfume products for men. Although the word appeared long before the trademark law, formally it can be considered a trademark of the former.

Pampers (Pampers) - Disposable Diapers with desiccant material. Trademark Procter & Gamble.
Gramophone - compact portable gramophone company Pathe. Accordingly, gramophone records to him were officially named "Disk Pate».
Plexiglas (Plexiglas) - organic glass, a transparent organic material.
Polaroid - camera gives the photo immediately after shooting. This type of camera is now considered obsolete. Polaroid Company is in a state of bankruptcy.
Primus (Primus) - kerosene appliance for cooking. Trademark Primus AB.

Risograph (Risograph) - copier, using the method of screen printing. Trademark RISO Inc.

Adhesive tape (Scotch) - transparent sticky tape. Trademark owned by 3M.
Superglue (Super Glue) - Ethyl cyanoacrylate, fast-setting glue. The company Super Glue Corp. still exists today.
Spirograph (Spirograph) - child's toy used to build beautiful spiral lines. The rights to the trademark "Spirograph" is now owned toy manufacturer Hasbro.

Tamagotchi (Tamagotchi) - the virtual pet - electronic toy or video game. The trademark belongs to the company Bandai. Sometimes, in order not to communicate with the trademark, write "tamaguchi».
TTY (Teletype) - a device to print text on the ribbon. The company Teletype Co. still exists today, it specializes in navigation equipment.
Teletext (Teletext Ltd.) - text output on the TV screen. Company Teletext Ltd. still exists today, specializing in satellite television.
Thermos (Thermos) - Dewar vessel for storing hot food. Trademark Thermos GmbH. Many countries have recognized household name and has lost the status of a trademark.
PTFE (Teflon) - PTFE, compound (CF2) n, applied as a non-stick coating for pans and inert coating in the chemical industry. Trademark DuPont

WC (Unitas) - in the toilet sink to drain the urine and feces. Distributed in Russia by Unitas («Unity"), hence the name.

Ferodo (Ferodo) - friction lining for the clutch disc. Trademark FeRoDo
Marker (Flo-Master) - a felt pen capillary
Freon (Freon) - Connect CF2Cl2, refrigerant. Trademark DuPont

Lollipop (ChupaChups) - Lollipop company Chupa Chups

Eskimo (Eskimo) - ice creams


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