Learn to read the signs of destiny.

Let's talk about the signs of destiny and how we can distinguish between them. Each of us would like to be able to identify itself correctly their actions. And everyone could learn to do it. Here, for example, you decide to go to the store in the evening, because you definitely need to buy food or clothes. But the rain on the street, and it is impossible to find an umbrella. Yesterday, the whole day was in sight, but today you can not find it. And the jacket has broken zipper, lace shoelace broke. Should I go to the store? Definitely not!

You want to do something, but between you and your goal persistently arise more and more small obstacles is the essence. Do not you think that this is a warning of fate? Definitely, that's right.

Signals from space

Have you wrestle with solving a signal from outer space, which he sends us carefully, to make our lives easier and happier? What are these signals? What do they want us to teach?

The first signal - a signal of the correct choice - a feeling of elation and joy, the pleasure of going on with you. If you do something with enthusiasm, joy and inspiration, it is a sign of fate, showing that you are moving in the right direction.

The second signal. Perhaps you have heard the expression "the soul does not lie." If you do something, commit violence against themselves, to no good it will not. If your whole life consists of an infinite "should", and there is never a "want", it gradually becomes unbearable, even useless for you. Because you do not live my, you are living someone else's life, justify someone else's expectations, give someone else the debt and meet other people's promises.

The third signal. If you really favorites luck and victory, you have everything goes as it should, it turns out - very good! Higher power and agree with your choice, approve it and send evidence of this. But if nothing goes wrong from the start, if you are Dolby impenetrable wall - it may well be a signal that you do not matter. Or maybe you are not yet ripe for it.

Fourth signal. Sleep is a universal means of communication of people with the cosmic forces. To figure out exactly what we want to tell the heavenly forces in their intricate, obscure messages, it is necessary to begin to learn the elementary - to remember the message, and then analyze them.

The fifth signal. Randomness - well thought-air pattern. To decipher these signs, it is not easier than dreams. The correct interpretation of the signs gives incredible for its use, error-free results in behavioral issues. If you stumble once, it was an accident, but if it happened a few times, but you are also in a hurry for an important meeting, think about it - this is a signal.
Analyzed in terms of importance to you all coincidences, chance encounters, dreams, happy discoveries or loss, victory or defeat. Then, even very unpleasant surprises, you can safely take, and perhaps with gratitude.

The world, the universe, infinity ...

There are forces, the logic of action which we can only guess. They can call the universe is infinite and intentions. They control our destinies. But we can also manage their own destinies and influence these forces. We can conduct a dialogue with them, to cooperate, not to cooperate. We can be a guide for them, or they will not be.

Signs - the way of the Force to maintain a dialogue with us. Answers come by themselves, from the inside, through our feelings. We just understand it. However, we must strive to see these signs we expect from an inner response.

The background hum events

The background hum of events - the common term among people studying abnormal events and phenomena. This term refers to "the signs of destiny" tips "personal genius" or a guardian angel. For most people, it is impossible to assess the signs correctly, particularly difficult to decipher accidents, illness, failure. Esoterica believe that the trouble - preliminary, warning wave of future events, the background hum of the event.

People rarely notice it, and often do not believe is in the form of negative signs and events tips. But it is a proven, real-life phenomenon. Any signs of destiny must be seen with gratitude and follow them to come to a happy, light of spirit.


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