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"Cuckoo" - an extremely risky game officers of the Russian Imperial Army, which, however, was widespread in all remote garrisons from Merv to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In the Far East, it is true, called "Tiger". Quote:
"Now where was quieter. Swipe less - and bosses puts obstacles. First they stood in the city: no circus or theater ... the audience who are thinking of idling, and then in his mess, and drink as well - now will play a cuckoo. Loved the passion this game.
- What kind of cuckoo esaul? - Asked the doctor again. - A card game is any?
Esaul and burst out laughing ...
- Cuckoo? .. - He asked after a minute, throwing himself away from the gnawed bones. - This, I assure you, preinteresnaya game who only strong nerves ... Usually for this selected some big building. Barn or something, or an empty stable - and that's about ten people climb there at night, with a revolver in each hand, but a good supply of ammunition to extinguish the fire ... and wander off around the room ... Well, there's one that will, if the barrel, box, and even some other thing, but for her and buried ... And one by lot, should be of most cuckoo ... rassyadutsya ... And quietly, so quietly all will become even breathing can be heard. And then a cuckoo and shout: "cuckoo" ... The rest of the voice of a cuckoo and shoot ... How grabbing almost gulp ... Tra-ta-ta, and rattled the bullets on the walls ... And again, again softly so that he can hear, as the heart pounding in my chest ... And then again: "cuckoo." And in response to: tra-ta-ta ... Downright many were excited. Shoot, shoot ... Listens and again, "cuckoo". Remember that this is your brother as cuckoo, and just think, "Wait a minute, damn, now the next time I'll be as srezhu." It happens that in turn kukuyut, but from one place to run across ... And how will pop off, so by listening - whole battle ... so did the fun.
- And what, really a game ends happily ever? - Worried troubled doctor.
- What is there safely - soothing tone of the narrator said. Differently was ... Once, I remember, this was unsuccessful cuckoo that our cornet time you throw it away, a dozen shots did not. Another lieutenant shot, the names do not remember him, I know that the shooting was ... Since then almost all night firing, but only in the morning, when all are tired, you hear, "Oh." Lit a fire, look - hand shot lieutenant ... And nothing has healed arm.
- Well, morals you were here - laughed nervously Dr. K ... You like this with some special pleasure to remember. Just scary. After all, so for nothing human to the light, you can send ...
- Well, and it's happened, but only, I tell you, it seems - wild game, but it is accustomed to control himself ... Look, a fellow in all involved: in different stories, and playing the cuckoo, and the tiger walked ... and generates so that the nerves as ropes. The first man then found himself at war. Laugh yourself, and I still say that this was the reckless daring benefit, nurturing the spirit that has always distinguished Turkestan forces ... Here you condemn the cuckoo ... But for herself brought up a whole generation of Turkestan officers in the minds of that life - penny and because these rascals then and show when it was necessary, miracles of bravery ... All in good time ... & quot;
DN Logofet. On the borders of Central Asia. Travel essays in 3 books. Book 2. Russian-Afghan border. - SPb., 1909.
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