Technology of power generation from human body motion

We've seen a lot of various items developments, which is able to collect kinetic energy, without any unnecessary movements on the part of man. It seems that researchers from Michigan State University has advanced the furthest in creating such applications.

Now the University is developing a thin package device, which can be used as insoles or lining in a coat, and even held the first successful tests. The beauty of development is that the same device can be used in completely different applications.

Version successfully used to power flexible keyboard, to power 20 LED bulbs, and to control the touch screen is connected only to the biocompatible nanogenerators.


Called the device is biocompatible ferroelectricity nanogenerator. It consists of a silicon wafer, layers of silver, polyamide and polypropylene. When people open or close the device, it gives a lot of charged particles.

"Every time you fold it, you increase exponentially the voltage," says Nelson Sepulveda, project Manager: "You can start with a great device but when you add up it once, and again, and again, it will be much smaller and will produce more energy. Now it can be small enough to place the generator in a specially made heel of your shoes so that it will create power every time the heel hits the ground."


The team says that they do not lose confidence in the fact that the nanogenerators will be a popular device. published


Source: ecotechnology


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