Paraffin treatment at home

Paraffin treatment – this is quite original and unique method. The fact is that paraffin has such properties as high heat capacity and thermal conductivity. Hot wax, when removed from flame or other source of temperature, which almost instantly hardens to form the capsule, the surface of which is cooled solid paraffin, and the inside is still hot and liquid. Thus, the outer solidified shell does not burn the body, and the hot, not frozen inside the paraffin, a long time will be evenly give off heat, providing the heating of the patient's body or diseases.

When the wax gets on the skin, it instantly warms it by 2 degrees, what does not constitute any discomfort. The body instinctively protective function of the body generates sweat, which the wax does not evaporate and creates the effect of a mini-sauna. Sweat out all the toxic harmful substances and toxins accumulated in the body.

As the cooling of the wax, the moisture is absorbed back, leaving on the surface of the skin toxins. Due to the fact that they are structurally larger and heavier than water, it is not possible to go back in the body and thus clog the pores.

Paraffin treatment is well established in such diseases as sprains, wounds, burns, arthritis, myositis, periostitis, trophic ulcers, fractures, internal organ diseases, gastritis, radiculitis, neuralgia, skin diseases and many others.

Paraffin treatment at home Procedure paraffin enjoyable process. Plus, there is that the treatment can be done at home. Particularly good sessions shortly before bedtime, so after the procedure should be left alone for at least another 30 minutes. The course of treatment should last from 12 to 20 procedures daily or every other day, depending on region and extent of disease, and the duration of each session from half an hour to an hour.

Methods of heating and treatment with paraffin • the Most affordable and easy to use method – paraffin bath. Take a piece of wax and melt it in a water bath or in the microwave (you can just the pan, but with this heat it begins to smoke and "shoot"). Already liquid paraffin is poured into a prepared vessel with a flat bottom. Should wait a few minutes, the mass has cooled down a bit and formed a crust. Then spread the cake with another uncured hot inside with paraffin, on a problem place, hiding on top of a warm blanket.

• Paraffin treatment of limbs is generally on the same principle. The only difference is that liquid paraffin is poured into a prepared form of thick sheets (but not cellophane, as it will melt), stitched in the shape of the body part that needs treatment. She may look like a mitten or boots.

The leg or arm to protect from burns, coated with a thin layer of wax, let it harden and lowered into the workpiece with the hot ground. The top of the bag knotted to avoid fluid loss. To the smearing not to damage the temperature of the wax should be in the range of 50 degrees. As in the first embodiment, the wrap is served with a warm blanket or piece of wool. The heat relieves inflammation and pain in the joints.

• Also paraffin is used as the masks for the face. After the treatment, skin is significantly firmer, wrinkles reduced, removed swelling disappears double chin and sagging skin.

It is worth considering that treatment with paraffin - it is not a panacea, and when misused can cause harm. There are a number of diseases in which you cannot use the warming. These include: high blood pressure (especially 2 or 3 stage), diabetes mellitus, open and festering wounds, eczema, increased hair, tuberculosis, rosacea, varicose veins.

Be careful with any method of self-medication. Not to cause your body harm, is always consult a doctor who will give precise recommendations exclusively for your case.




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