15 things of beauty that can kill you (15 photos)

What is harmful substances in everyday products to improve our appearance, you will learn in this news.

1. Lipstick.

The Washington Post published the information that the 400 manufacturers of lipstick used in the production of lead, which may adversely affect the basic processes of the body and is harmful to all organs of the human body. (However, studies show that lead to a much more contained in the food than the lipstick.) But the fact remains, the effect of the metal on the body can be fatal, and buyers should be careful with what they paint their lips. < br />
2. Lip Gloss.

That makes the Vaseline lip gloss brilliant, but it is a byproduct of oil refining. During his lifetime, the average woman unknowingly consume more than three kilograms of waste oil industry. The European Union has banned the production of products with the use of petroleum jelly from the fact that it can cause cancer. It was found that in women with breast cancer in the blood contained twice the substance constituting the petrolatum than in healthy women. Convincingly sounds or not, but this study shows that the EU ban could save the lives of many women.

3. Tanning as a spray.

Tanning touted as the safest way to tan ... or rather it was before it was reported that the main ingredients in tanning, DHA, can damage cells and, ultimately, to provoke cancer. The chemical substance that makes your skin tan, safely, to use it topically. But if tanning is done in the form of a spray, then the application can be accidentally inhaled and then it becomes poisonous. Although there were no scientific testing on humans, doctors believe that such sprays can cause malformations in the fetus.

4. Nail polish.


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