15 things of beauty that can kill you (15 photos)

What is harmful substances in everyday products to improve our appearance, you will learn in this news.

1. Lipstick.

The Washington Post published the information that the 400 manufacturers of lipstick used in the production of lead, which may adversely affect the basic processes of the body and is harmful to all organs of the human body. (However, studies show that lead to a much more contained in the food than the lipstick.) But the fact remains, the effect of the metal on the body can be fatal, and buyers should be careful with what they paint their lips. < br />
2. Lip Gloss.

That makes the Vaseline lip gloss brilliant, but it is a byproduct of oil refining. During his lifetime, the average woman unknowingly consume more than three kilograms of waste oil industry. The European Union has banned the production of products with the use of petroleum jelly from the fact that it can cause cancer. It was found that in women with breast cancer in the blood contained twice the substance constituting the petrolatum than in healthy women. Convincingly sounds or not, but this study shows that the EU ban could save the lives of many women.

3. Tanning as a spray.

Tanning touted as the safest way to tan ... or rather it was before it was reported that the main ingredients in tanning, DHA, can damage cells and, ultimately, to provoke cancer. The chemical substance that makes your skin tan, safely, to use it topically. But if tanning is done in the form of a spray, then the application can be accidentally inhaled and then it becomes poisonous. Although there were no scientific testing on humans, doctors believe that such sprays can cause malformations in the fetus.

4. Nail polish.

When it was discovered that one of the active ingredients of nail polish, DBP, can be potentially dangerous, it has been declared an official ban on its use. The problem is that many nail polishes still contain formaldehyde, a substance that scientists use to preserve dead tissue. It can cause asthma and trigger the development of cancer. Some doctors believe that the excitement associated with DBP and formaldehyde, too exaggerated, since the nail surface is impermeable to substances.

5. Sunscreen.

The Working Group on Environmental Protection Agency reports that vitamin A in 40% of sunscreens, harms the skin, especially if it is exposed to sunlight. This damage can even lead to cancer. However, lovers lie on the beach should be aware that these tests were carried out on mice, but they are more prone to skin cancer than people. In addition, the mouse is not that look good in a bikini. In all likelihood, and the human body sunscreen fulfills its unique function - to protect from the sun.

6. deodorant.

Since the 60s of the last century, it has become a very common view that the deodorant antiperspirant ingredients are very harmful to the human body. However, comprehensive studies show that antiperspirants do not directly cause breast cancer. The fact that the chemical elements contained therein, may increase the levels of estrogen, due to which the growth can occur breast tissue, which in turn can lead to cancer.

7. Hair Dye.

The results of the two studies should be alarmed as hairdressers and fans to change hair color. The first study showed that women who chose to paint hair in dark colors from the 1980's, are at greater risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. As a result, the second found that hairdressers who work with hair dye for more than five years of age are three times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who do not have contact with hair dye.

8. Brazilian keratin hair treatment.

Brazilian keratin treatment (BCL) of hair is very popular among Americans because promises shiny, voluminous and smooth hair, regardless of their initial state. The magic comes from the impact on the hair keratin proteins, but experts believe that the whole thing in formaldehyde. In addition, during the procedure BCL occur noxious fumes, so the risk is exposed and the person performing the procedure, and the one to whom it is performed. M & M International, Inc., a manufacturer of BCL, said that formaldehyde is not included in the list of prohibited by the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (USA) ingredients.

9. Cheap jewelry.

Those who can not afford something expensive, often use cheaper counterparts. That is why the production of cheap jewelry is very profitable, especially if tailored to the teenage girls. But a scan of cheap jewelry for teens in the compositions have been found lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. Of the 99% of the study jewelry one quarter had a very high content of toxins, some of which cause mental decline and cancer. Before jewelry sellers are now tasked with how to determine the quality of the goods.

10. The narrow clothes.

Stories about the dangers of corsets have long faded into history. But allegedly leading neurologists, elements of modern clothes such as jeans, skinny or underwear Spanx, can cause serious injury. Narrow clothing can provoke the appearance of blood clots and infection of the bladder. In some cases, the aforementioned jeans that have to do more slender figure, can cause damage to the skin on the thighs, or semi-circular lipoatrophy.

11. microneedles.

You are doing a facial massage roller spike? Then you are ready to process the treatment of microneedles, which promises a healthy looking skin. However, the procedure can be traumatic and, as some of those who are subjected to it, complained about the damage to the skin. Experts say even more about the dangerous consequences of such treatment, as beauty salons can not provide adequate sterilization of needles after each client. Workers salons in turn argue that each client uses a new movie with microneedles, but for 100% not tested.

12. Breast implants.

In today's beauty, there is one serious problem - no one can reach the level of beauty that could be called sufficient. Breast implants, today one of the most popular options for changing the human body (10 million women currently make such an operation), another confirmation of the fact how high the standards of modern beauty. But sometimes women die during surgery for breast augmentation, such as porn star Sexy Cora. Ruptures, scarring, terrible pain and fatal infections may also be consequences of the operation. (According to the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (USA), breast augmentation surgery is safe.)

13. Permanent makeup.

Daily makeup is not what a woman dreams in the morning. Therefore, in some countries, permanent make-up has become quite popular in some countries. This procedure, also known as micropigmentation, is essentially cosmetic tattooing. Like a tattoo it is only trust skilled professionals, but according to the observations of the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (USA), permanent make-up can cause the appearance of tumors, excessive scarring and even skin cancer. Savings of 20 minutes in the morning is not worth a lifetime.

14. Tattoos.

Despite the fact that most tattoo parlors controlled by the state and their work is regulated by local laws, too little is done in order to check compliance with these laws. As a result, we have a very high risk of allergic reactions, chronic skin diseases, HIV infection, syphilis and hepatitis B and C. The problem is that there is no service that would be directly controlled industry tattoo parlors. Jewellery himself tattooed a relatively safe procedure. However, it should be borne in mind that researchers from Southwest Texas University Medical School argued that the tattoo might be "number one carrier of hepatitis C».

15. ... and everything else.

Although new chemicals are tested, there is no way to know their long-term effects. So often the news headlines are full of information about the harmful ingredients contained in everyday products. Of the latter, "the accused" - phthalates. According to the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, phthalates, are part of almost all kinds of cosmetics from lipstick to nail polish, can lead to a high risk of diabetes. Most of the cosmetics labeled, so careful shoppers can avoid this risk, but not always so responsible manufacturers.

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