5 most staggering things that science has learned to do (5 photos)

We hear about the new wonders of science literally every day for a long time and are used to it. We have not much can surprise. And yet ... sometimes what happens in laboratories very much like black magic. For example:

1. To penetrate into your imagination and write them

The stranger who breaks into your dreams and watches the most intimate fantasies - it sounds very unscientific. Natural magic. Yes, we've all heard about the electrical signals that come from the brain, and that it is theoretically possible to capture and decode.

But ... this is our dream. The parallel world in which we fly on dragons and get Oscars. You can not connect to this our internal broadcasting and watch cable TV.

It turns out you can.

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and found a way to really see what the brain sees. They are connected to the heads of the participants of the experiment the electrodes with which recorded brain activity and began to show them the trailer from YouTube - a huge number of trailers all sorts of different films.

Then they loaded into a computer, and those same trailers to put the machine problem: millions of film frames to compare images obtained with the instrument, fixing activity of the brain and bind various changes in brain activity with a variety of images.

Eventually, they began to leave the image of "what the brain sees" - until, of course, is not very clear, but still impressive:

Of course, there is more work to do, but the main thing - the idea was correct. Imagery can actually be recorded on video. It remains only to perfect the process of recording, and you can not strain to write posts and to spread the idea straight to YouTube.

And for those who still do not want to part with the habit to make out his thoughts in the form of text, a team of scientists from the Netherlands invented a system to print just thinking about the letter you want - and the system is running, even if the user is in a coma.

They found - if a person is in a "vegetative" state asked to imagine that he, say, playing tennis, then certain areas of the brain are activated. Further remains to train the patient to associate different letters on the keyboard with a certain way, and using the appropriate tools to determine the more active areas of the brain. And yet. You can write a novel.

2. The speed of light is slowed down to the speed of movement of public transport


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