Fashion and unsafe cosmetic treatments

Modern beauty salons and clinics vying to offer the dream a reality. Without thinking, we try new beauty treatments, approaching the ideal of beauty. But often it will remain unattainable. What you need to know to meet the expectations of a cosmetic procedure and not spoil the health?

Optimistic statistics. While the Russians are just beginning to develop cosmetic spaces, Americans spend on beauty treatments for more than 12 billion dollars annually. Last year, the number of cosmetic procedures performed in this country has reached a record high - 11, 5 million. The most popular methods of invasive correction deficiencies in women become breast augmentation surgery, and men - removal of subcutaneous fat in the waist area. Among the non-invasive (non-surgical) procedures leading Botox injections (2, 8 million injections per year among women, 300,000 men) and the correction of wrinkles with a variety of fillings.

However, despite the appeal of beauty treatments, about 40% of visitors to the salons and clinics admitted that they would have to learn more about the procedures, because even the most innocuous ways to improve the appearance can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Caution: cosmetic procedure. Traditionally, the most risky procedures are considered plastic surgery, where the patient receives anesthesia, and the surgeon destroys the integrity of the skin. Indeed, in such a situation, it is logical to assume the risk of infection or unexpected reaction to anesthesia. But as it turned out to say goodbye to life is possible even after the normal pedicure. For example, in the United States reported cases of infection with staphylococcus and other dangerous bacteria in the cuticle removal and cosmetic treatment of cracked skin on their feet. These events forced a fresh look at familiar beauty treatments. Paradoxically, we spend a lot more time, trying on a dress before buying than choosing a beautician. So where lies the danger?

Botox injections - it champions the cosmetic industry. During these injections in the facial muscles introduced a special toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The toxin called botulinum (botulinum toxin, Botox), on behalf of the bacteria. Botox blocks the transmission of nerve signals to the muscle cells, which results in partial paralysis of facial muscles. Cosmetic effect of these injections exceeds all expectations, as the skin of the paralyzed muscles smoothed, wrinkles disappear. Anti-aging effect of Botox is maintained for about 4 months. However, be aware that Botox causes many side effects. If large amounts of toxin or injection performed inaccurately muscle is prescribed, it can be broken up movement of the eyelids or other parts of the face. Often, there are headaches, dizziness. The exact cause of these symptoms has not been established. It is possible that in violation of contraction of muscles, in the brain there is a signal fault, which leads to painful manifestations.

It's no secret that after the injection of Botox facial expression becomes constrained. This is not only reflected on the manner of communication, but also leads to drying of skin. The fact that the movement of the muscles required for stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism of the active liquid. When the muscles are paralyzed, the blood stagnates in the capillaries, and thus the skin gets less liquid oxygen and nutrients. As a result, anti-aging procedure may require the use of an active anti-age products!

The second most popular anti-aging treatment - is filling wrinkles with various materials ("Restylane", "Yuviderm" and others.). The effect of such injections lasts for 3 to 12 months (depending on the depth of wrinkles and composition of filler). The most common of the fillers include biopolymers (synthetic), hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturizing agent) and collagen. Collagen - Muscle protein is human skin and other mammals (pigs and cows). Collagen for cosmetics is of animal origin. It is shown that about 3% of all people are allergic to animal collagen, and thus before the cosmetic procedure is necessary to test for sensitivity to the wrinkle filler. Normally, a small amount of the filler is injected into the upper arm and monitor changes of the skin. But even the pre-test does not guarantee safety. There are cases when the sensitivity test does not detect individual intolerance. Only after the injection of a large amount of filler on the face appeared swelling and redness.

Chemical peels (phenol, fruit acids) - the procedure is not for sissies. Under the influence of aggressive chemical agents upper layers of skin are removed, and in their place are actively dividing cells young elastic. As a result, a person much younger. Deep chemical peels should be done in the clinic, when you can not go out, do not deal with infections and adverse weather conditions. Chemical peeling - a very traumatic procedure, so it should be trusted only competent, proven specialist.

Permanent makeup is rapidly gaining popularity, because with its help draw the contour of the lips, eyebrows visually increase the density and shape of the eyes make it more enticing. It should be remembered that when tattooing violated the integrity of the skin, with the possible contamination of infections. Of course, employees must comply with the salons of hygiene and regularly disinfect instruments, but visitors are not immune from allergies to dyes. If there are hypersensitive to certain colors on the site of the tattoo there is a seal flushing. In this case, contact a physician or dermatologist for relief (stop and remove) allergic reaction.

Laser hair removal - is another procedure "stuffed." The ability to get rid of body hair has attracted many customers salon services. It is important that the specialist performing the procedure, well-known machine and its capabilities. The laser beam intensity is too high, no doubt, it will destroy the hair follicles, but along with them can suffer skin cells. The result is discolored areas and even small scars.

Liposuction is also fraught with danger. Although from a technical point of view, the procedure does not hide the "pitfalls", the distribution of subcutaneous fat each person is very individual. Therefore, there is no single scheme liposuction, which will give excellent result for all visitors. Very often it leads to liposuction recesses visible on the skin at the place where the fat is completely removed and, conversely, to the bump in those areas where shifted to the adjacent area of ​​liposuction fat cell layers. Not surprisingly, to correct unsightly effects of liposuction developed special procedures and liposhifting - shift of fat mass and their more uniform distribution (actual after liposuction) begins to enjoy great popularity.

Make the right choice. Despite the possible side effects of cosmetic procedures were and remain extremely popular. That they really bring satisfaction, it is important to properly choose the expert and familiar with the procedure in advance.

* Ask the advice of friends about a particular specialist (inner). Always calmer and safer to apply to well-known place.
* It is necessary to know what is the level of special education beautician performing the procedure. It is important that beautician had basic medical education. Competent specialists constantly improve their skills by attending various seminars and conferences. Additional educational programs usually give certificates of completion. These certificates make up a professional dossier good beautician.
* Do not hesitate to ask about the details of the procedure, how many such procedures were conducted in the past, with what result. Many salons offer a portfolio of his work, which includes photographs of visitors before and after the procedure.
* It is important to learn about the possible risks associated with the procedure and how to meet unforeseen reaction beautician.

In professional circles, there is a simple recipe for how to recognize a good specialist. Experienced beauticians will never say that the procedure is absolutely safe. Knowledgeable, is forearmed, so good specialist openly discuss the possible risks and side effects with the client.

With regard to consumer cosmetic procedures, it is important to thoroughly follow the rules beautician (for example, active use moisturizer after Botox injections). Very often, the successful recovery traumatic procedure is in the hands of the visitor.

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