5 craziest inventions of Nikola Tesla (6 photos)

Nikola Tesla was certainly an eccentric scientist, but many believe that his inventions were more prominent than the invention of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. His electric car, exuberant imagination and eccentric style became a symbol of "a crazy genius».

1. The wireless power

About 120 years ago, in 1893 at the World Exhibition in Chicago, Tesla demonstrated wireless power, sparking a series of phosphoric light bulbs in a process called electrodynamic induction. He dreamed that one day this technology will help us to transmit electricity over long distances in the atmosphere, providing remote areas with the necessary energy for a comfortable stay.

Now, after more than a century, large companies such as Intel and Sony are interested in using the nonradiative energy transfer to such things as mobile phones, so that we can charge the battery without the power supply wiring.

2. X-ray

Research Tesla in the field of electromagnetism helped radiologists around the world to see the human anatomy without having to rip open his stomach. However, at the end of the 1880s, this idea seemed quite insane.

Although the discovery of X-rays attributed to German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895, Tesla was in his experiments with this technology for eight years before Roentgen noticed some danger of radiation for human flesh.

3. Death Ray

In 1930 Nikola Tesla, according to some allegations, he invented a weapon of the particle beam, which is called the "death ray." In theory, the device could generate intense directed beam of energy that could be used to destroy enemy aircraft, army and other stuff. However, the "death ray" was never released by Tesla, although he tried to sell it to various military units.

4. Robotics

Tesla imagined that in the future an entire race of robots will be able to safely and effectively perform the work of the people. In 1898, the year he demonstrated his invention of a radio-controlled boat that many consider "the birth of robotics." He predicted that soon the world will be filled with intelligent machines, robots, various sensors and autonomous systems.

5. The machine, causing an earthquake

In zhe1898-year Tesla stated that developed oscillator which shook the building, and all that were with him. The device weighed about a kilogram, but the scientist was able to set the time at this frequency vibrations that every slight vibration adds more energy wave curves of the building. With a sufficient number of small shocks even the biggest building could shatter into pieces.

Realizing the potential danger of his invention, he pitched a generator with a hammer and asked its employees in which case the state of complete ignorance about the causes zemletryaseniya.Istochnik:


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