4 swindler who fooled the whole world (4 photos)

In order to become an outstanding con artist of great intelligence or talent is required. One impudence enough ...

1. Joyce Hatto has released more than 100 albums recorded by other people

Joyce Hatto has long been a concert pianist - so very ordinary. ... While it is not a terrible diagnosis - cancer. But paradoxically, this sad event of a sudden gave Joyce the opportunity to fulfill the dream of his life: she took up classical music at home, which is called "the soul."

From that moment (she left the stage in 1976) until his death in 2006, she has released more than 100 CD, which produced a furor among music fans. Critics praised her performance skills in every way, calling "the greatest living pianist, about which no one had heard before."

A year after the death of the "great pianist" American lover of classical music by the name of Brian Ventura bought a disc of "Transcendental Etudes" Hatto Liszt performed and used to listen to their media player iTunes. And the record player is automatically defined as a pianist Laszlo Shimon released on the record company BIS! Shocked, Brian announced his unexpected discovery known music critic Jed Distler. He started digging and found that almost all records Hutto, allegedly made a home in the studio - to steal.

For suddenly opened "an extraordinary musical talent" Hutto, as it turned out, hiding the name of 91 pianists from around the world. The idea was the result of fraud creativity of the Hutto family and her husband's record industry figure, William Barrington-Kupa. For more convincing wife even came up with his own orchestra conductor of Holocaust survivors. No orchestra or conductor has never really existed.

Hutto was "lucky" not to live up to his own revelations, but her husband, pripёrtomu irrefutable evidence against the wall, had to admit in all. He said that the borrowed pieces from the records of various pianists, to put them in the places that his wife did not come out. But since many works have been "borrowed" as a whole, there was from the very Hutto is anyone's guess.

2. Hardy Rodenshtok earns millions by selling fake wine lovers of the most subtle

In 1985, the American businessman Bill Koch laid out half a million dollars for four bottles of Château Lafite harvest in 1787 from the collection of Thomas Jefferson. The authenticity was confirmed at the bottom of a bottle engraved with the initials «TJ»

Seller named Hardy Rodenshtok superstar was known among collectors of elite drinks. Before you get excited about wines Rodenshtok was a music producer and professor, and gained his stardom, arranging countless tastings with an incredible amount of invaluable testing samples. He managed to earn fabulous money by selling wine for a hundred thousand a bottle, even if their taste, to be honest, left much to be desired.

First there were rumors that the contents of the bottles, which acquired Bill Koch could not cost more than most average wine from the usual supermarket. When they reached the ears of Koch, he was furious and decided to whatever was to find the truth and justice. On investigation, he spent a few million. But - the truth is more expensive.

It turned out that Jefferson's initials were engraved on the bottles using ordinary dental drill, which was found in the same room where a mixture of different wines prepared "rare" samples and bottled.

Even past Rodenshtoka proved fake - any professor he had never been. Indeed cheater named Meinhard Goerke, in the past - an ordinary engineer.

How did he get so long led by the nose the most eminent connoisseurs? Firstly, the statements that he made concerning the wines were so incredible that no one had not occurred, that this can just go and invent. Second, none of the expert had no idea what really has to be the taste of wine, which is 250 years old.

Oh, and before you invite potential buyers to taste their hash, so Rodenshtok their "handles" that none of them was no longer able to distinguish between Riesling 1792 from the tap water.

The easiest way to somehow manage to turn the fraudsters exactly those circuits that "after the fight," seem quite obvious.

3. Chunpin Lin and his fake bank


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