Mom arranged sea battle on the periodic table, to teach children to chemical

Karin Tripp, mother of four children, loves chemistry and have always wanted to find a way to interest in this science to their children. So she came up with a simple and elegant way to combine learning with playing. Editorial Website admires this savvy woman.

Karin staged naval battle right on the periodic table.

She simply numbered elements in each row of the periodic table and have the children put on their vehicles this field length from 1 to 5 elements, as in the classic game of Battleship.

And an exciting game to find and explode enemy ships quietly taught children all the elements of the periodic system. Brilliant!

«In this game you can even play with children who do not know anything about the periodic table. My eight year old daughter have not studied chemistry, but she just loves the game, "- said Karin Tripp.


Karin Tripp with her husband and children.



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