Transport machines FLOATING

Transport Machines Floating - Floating biaxial machine with both drive axles. Frameless machine, with a carrier hull, equipped with a system of centralized control of air pressure in tires, air conditioning system that ensures the maintenance of a favorable microclimate in the car. The engine is located in the rear of the machine. Upon request, can be supplied not floating machine. - Super easy driving. Comfort in the cabin, an integrated electric heater interior (seats, windows, quiet stove), the availability of advanced satellites electronic systems: GPS-navigation, depth sounder, if desired, the customer: leather interior and Digital Electronics: DVD, MP3, speakers Pioneer, also has the ability to install on-board computer with LCD, and when confronted with large vehicles, strong safety belts, no injuries, to keep you alive.


 - Delivery of rescue teams to the scene of the accident;

 - Implementation of rescue and evacuation operations afloat;

 - Evacuation of faulty equipment and pulling jammed;

 - Protection of objects;

 - Delivery of valuable cargo.

 - Recreation, hunting, fishing


Type of car wheel
Base Units Gas-66
Gross vehicle weight, kg 6000
Number of seats 6
Overall dimensions
 - Length 5750
 - Width 2350
 - Height 1945
Ground clearance 330
Force of the winch, kg / s 4500
Engine GAZ-41 4-stroke. / 8tsil / V
Fuel consumption per 100 km-40L (on the highway), afloat 1 hour - 15 l.
Fuel tanks 2h140
Fuel AI-80
The maximum speed of 95-100 km / h on the highway and 12 afloat.
Rated voltage, V 24
Engine power 140 hp
Cruising range of 600 km


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