Reviewed amateur Skoda Octavia.
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Brief background.

Beautiful car Audi A4 2.0 FSI produced in 2004.., Which I owned before that 3 and a half years, I gently hinted at the end of 2013, which run 380,000 km - that's all he was willing to give me true love, but subsequently I agree on intimacy only through brutal violence on my part. In a healthy discussion, I gave the right to those suffering the new lucky owner, not too lazy to come to the car of the most secret places of our vast customs union, far beyond the Pale of Settlement, civilization and democracy.

The car sold for the sum in rubles, equal to its actual mileage known to me. Or three times the mileage on the odometer after twisting immodest known buyer. Thoroughly washing of putting the deal of the century and a couple of candles for sin, I began to decide what to take as an adequate substitute for a price in the region of 1 million rubles, plus or minus, depending on the attractiveness of options. The requirements are as follows, in descending order of priority:

1) Reliability

2) A good speaker

Continued under the cut ...

3) The versatility and spaciousness of the car (daily operation of city of 100km, regular visits with a bunch of junk fishing or with the family, the ability to brisk ride through the city and highway in splendid isolation).

4) reasonable expenses and cost of ownership, including tax and insurance

5) Acceptable appearance

At first it was planned to go on the blazed 10 years of experience behind the wheel of a track leading to the second-hand German city. Suddenly, otsmotrev about 10 cars (A6, E63, Touareg, Cayenne), I finally convinced a simple truth: from the date of high customs duties, such as cars are sold only in dying, or, at best, preinfarction condition; runs twisted at times (unscrupulous sellers, nothing is sacred). This applies particularly to carefully napolirovannym nekromobilyam "without run across the Russian Federation." Since binding to another lose-lose lottery was not no desire or time, attention was drawn to the machines more modest level, but without run both the Russian Federation and all.

We were otsmotren and skated for a test drive:

Ford Focus and Chevrolet Cruze (laughter and disgust for the sake). Of these cars do not want to get out ... they just want to kill myself some exotic way, recognizing their own inadequacy and spiritual poverty, let you touch these items.

Ford Mondeo. No rides and rather sad, though, and took second place in the ranking of my personal avtohlama. Engine Ekobust - power sparsely (managery rozovorubashechnye, catch slogan free).

Mazda 6. Similar to the glamorous leopard tights in a collective farm market, photographed himself in the mirror on the iPhone. Cute on the outside, ugly and cheap inside the engine 2, 0 eats 15 liters and not go, 2, 5, and eats more, too, does not go. Postproduction work machine is suitable for a documentary about the mating of cattle.

Toyota Camry. The designer of the machine for salon ugly plastic insert "under the tree" must bind her hands and shit boat to a slide. For everything else, however, too. Engine 2, 5 as eating and going, 3, 5 runs, but is expensive and stupid. Enhances image rejection machines pensioner-hauler or paunchy bureaucrat middling with sweaty limbs and stench from the mouth (in oblezlo-nintendo color, of course).

Honda Accord. Beautiful and stylish car, but the unique quality of the coating, like most Japanese, requires a complete repainting roller garage once every six months, otherwise the machine looks like otpeskostruennaya saucepan. In addition, metal in prominaetsya any point (and possibly punctured through) forefinger. Although, in general, like the car.

VW Jetta. Absolutely the same Octavius, only more expensive 200tr with equal trim. Sense to overpay for a different icon on the hood do not see absolutely. In the line of fire is not the engine 1, 8T. Feed and especially the taillights look archaic Octavia (subjectively).

Given the fact that the family is already Octavia Tour 2008, which is nothing bad in 3 years of moderate ride we did not, the choice fell on her younger peers. Initially, I did not expect anything extraordinary from the car. I think if you ask 10 random drivers what they think about the Skoda Octavia, the average answer will be something like this: "The machine and the machine. Practical. Reliable. The huge trunk. Men. Nicho so bl * ". Actually, this image of the car at the time of purchase I have a whole suit. After studying the complete sets and reading reviews and forums were clearly swept away by a scooter with a one-time problem of the VW Tiguan engine 1, 4TSI and orphan mower 1, 2TSI (which Czechs added to the lineup of engines purely neighing, or to state a minimum price). Choice, respectively, fell to 1, 8TSI 180hp In addition to the life of the engine and dynamics (which, in fairness at 1, 4 and 1, almost equal to 8), a strong role played by the fact that the rear suspension is only with the engine 1, 8. As shown by the test drive and experience the difference in voice acting Suspension and handling machines is very noticeable.

Wonderful VAG-ovsky box DSG7 («two clutches a year," as it is decrypted servismeny) was not considered, since I do not like automatic transmission, in principle, on a subcompact - in particular, that walketh 30,000 km - and did.

As a result, the vehicle 2013g.v. top of the range Elegance and almost all the options of the functional packages (except for the leather interior and elektrostula driver), was found in the presence of one of the salons of St. Petersburg, and after 2 hours of wrangling with the manager, purchased at a discount over 130tr plus good gifts: a second set of winter tires R16, black alloy wheels instead of the boring regular, every possible type of additional junk rag rugs in the living area, carpet in the trunk, in the trunk nets and bags with an emergency kit. As a final touch of trading, the cabin was expropriated company Shkodovsky mole (huge, plush, yellow drum) to the delight of a child (before the mole mimicked in the rear passenger standing in the showroom Skoda Superb). The machine has the presence of only a white color. Previously with the coat color, I did not face, but after six months, I can say - from this point on I will only white cars. Extremely easily soiled (with respect to black and even gray) color that is clearly visible on top in the stream than a certain extent affect the safety. A side effect is that the white Octavia, many associated with a taxi.

Briefly about the feelings of the car (will compare with the 10-year Audi, do not blame me). For a full review not pretend, I will mention what I think is important for yourself.

1) The ergonomics of the cabin.

1.1. The front seats. Designed for a family of hogs weighing 120 kg, of which a minimum of 50kg - the weight of the buttocks. Perhaps for the fatal mistake of Czech designers, they did not even humanoid, but for what some squid or anteaters. Despite the good side bolsters, between her and my ass is on the 5 cm on each side (TTX at me quite the average: 183 height, weight slightly less than 90). As a result, in the corners you have to hold on with his left hand into the handle on the door, otherwise the centrifugal force without any objection from the driver's seat trying to throw out the window.

Adjusting the seat as a whole is not bad, but I could not for the six months to find a really comfortable position. The Audi had a few such provisions (for different modes of driving), and all of them are intuitive and very fast.

1.2. Steering wheel. The slope - ok, on the flight - is insufficient. If you do not put your elbows door armrests and the center console, the steering wheel is necessary to reach tangible and unpleasant. Feels, additional departure at the helm of 30-50mm would solve the problem, but it is not. In addition, the position the seat / booster, which I found the most convenient possible, the upper edge of the steering wheel rim completely covers the survey on the scale of the speedometer and odometer in their top of the most popular parts. As a result, led to a central speedometer displeychike dashboard, which solved the problem.

1.3. Visibility. It is bad, bordering on obnoxious. Baggy-pillars make it very difficult visibility in turns. Over the size and shape of the side mirrors designer abused (affectedly adjusting gomosyatskuyu tyubiteyku pumponom with cockroaches and moving antennae) for the sake of appearance and functionality in a severe damage. Salon mirror too small (to be fair, in his hatchback much more to do meaningless, but the extra 2-3 cm can be left). Avtozatemneniem mirrors - very convenient, works perfectly.

1.4. Display MaxiDot. The touch screen is pressed clear and understandable. Through the user-friendly menu is configured almost everything that is in the car (not enough sleep function headlight washer, but it's stupid and conscious bug not only Skoda. By the way, after you spend 50% of the liquid in the tank, headlight washer still switched off, and thanks for that).

1.5. Materials trim. Vile oak plastic almost everywhere, cheap and look and feel. Crickets to the run 15.000km, however, there is none. Vile Brand black fabric upholstery (but it is a problem specific machine, which has been in existence); I plan to put the leather covers. Nasty, unpleasant to the touch leather steering wheel with coarse thread, which rubbed the fingers of one hand while taxiing. Vile rubber mats that strive to slide under the pedal despite hlipenky retainer. All vile.

1.6. Places a lot for both front and rear passengers.

1.7. The trunk is huge. No, it is huge. You can easily carry several corpses of 50-year-old bookkeeper from the concert Stas Mikhailov. Kraynyak can put 4 wheels and still have a lot of space. On-duty vehicles - drove 350kg tiles (1/3 - in the cabin, the rest in the trunk), the machine has not slipped much, the engine generally not noticed a difference.

1.8. Climate control, popogrey, electric heater windscreen, heated mirrors, front and rear parking sensors - all beyond praise, the slightest criticism.

1.9. The sound is good and juicy (at a moderate level, because at a high in the car do not listen to never, perhaps, from the prior chotko gopari with subwoofers rattling and not appreciated).

1.10. Noise insulation is good, at 180km / h, you can safely talk without a headset. I not quickly dispersed and do not advise you on that speed Octavia sphincter is completely sealed.

2) The dynamics and control.

2.1. Engine. He pleases! Strong and confident traction uniform since 1000 with a small turnover. Schedule power on the speed was not looking, but the feelings, no peaks and valleys it is not. Consumption in combat mode in the city does not exceed 10 liters. If you feel sick, it can be stowed in 7 liters, but then why take the 1, 8T?

2.2. Box so-so. Fifth transmission is not necessary in principle, since after the fourth with almost any speed since the 60km / h great picks 6th gear (for example dynamic acceleration on the highway: a 90km / h to 140km / h in fourth, on the 6th). They include the transfer of fairly well, but somehow enough nekomforten transition from 1 to 2 transfer (you may want to adjust, while others did not compare shkodokorobkami). The course is long enough scenes that upset. Due to this, at the beginning of acceleration the car with a box DSG7 objectively more bright, but after 100 km / h the situation is reversed.

2.3. Suspension. Power-hungry, nice, quiet. With package for bad roads is very large roll in corners (creepy combo complete with armchairs described above). Feed significantly goats in the pits. According to rumors, to spring a little run 30tkm podprisyadut and amplitude of the vibrations reduced.

Even in the R16 car does not like rut, constantly have to catch.

2.4. Electric Power Steering pustovat in terms of feedback. You can get used.

2.5. Manageability generally predictable, but rather wadded, and does not correspond to a great acceleration dynamics. Perhaps, to a large extent the problem is solved by setting stiffer springs, of which I now wonder.

3) Body and exterior.

3.1. Outward appearance. I Octavia is associated with classic jeans clothing. No complaints, and for every day, not snobbish, but not ashamed. No special chips, but not dull. Xenon and LED optics significantly improve the appearance of the car; The light is great quality.

Sadly, the car in top configuration looks virtually identical to its version of the drum 600tr. (If you look closely, you can see a tiny spoiler on the edge of the trunk, well, light alloy wheels seemed to symbolize, and that all the differences). The appearance in 2014 Skoda Rapid, very similar to the distance Octavia A7 finally discredit all attempts to match the car looks something above the C-Class. I think half a year taksopakrov peresyadet these cars, not to mention the legions of homeless credit, truckers and other vermin.

3.2. Good ground clearance. All ports protruding lower lip of the front bumper, winter it will work like blade. I think keep it without minor injuries will be problematic.

3.3. 6, 0 points for bestiality and artistry rat receives Czech designer save 2 bucks on gas lift the hood. It's funny and scary when in the 21st century by car in 1 million rubles is raspyalivat dirty poker to support the hood for topping omyvayki. However, the new Mitsubishi Pajero for 2 million. Rubles gas lift is also no ... it's a conspiracy?

3.4. The trunk and doors closed not too soft, you have to clap. The sound is not nasty.

4) service.

To my mileage 15tkm I had absolutely no problems. On his own initiative, he made interservice oil change on 8tkm, and what you recommend (out of 4, 8 liter Castrol 5w30 in golden cans). "One-off" cap real change is not necessary. Under the original meant insert into the filter housing, which is not changed (surprise). Price issue in neofitsiala (changed in EvroAvto) - 3000r have official of - 6000r (runny them lifelong prostate).

This month, I will do what 1.

Let's see what will happen next.

Summarizing. In general - the car is not bad, but not balanced. Kaif firing of the engine is not something that would be killed, but spoils vegetable suspension and interior ergonomics of a pensioner. Stubby mirrors also complicate the dynamic ride in the stream, it is necessary to turn his head 360 degrees. I would call Octavia A7 with an engine 1, 8TSI universal lighter for the poor. I wonder how many of the car owners will share my opinion? .. :)

PS In fact, the choice of the machine for me came down to a choice between cheap Ponte and the voice of reason. Yes, you can take a shaggy black Kaen or PP, even enough to buy a delivery number "777". Among my friends there are many people who have made this choice when buying a car. There are even clinical cases in which adult men who live in a two hruschobe with screaming kids and mother-in snoring, take a loan (or just easy money) b / in the car of a representation class. Yes, now it's a bucket - the most pathetic "on roёne" neighbors will envy clicked his tongue, raskochegarivaya in the cold with its pusher viburnum, Lacetti and Logan. You can even scare on the track of a balding kettle squeal of rubber and the roar of rusted muffler, which is to replace the owner will now have to sell a kidney or even stop drinking (and is). I think that in this "arms race" ... it is impossible to win on the road will always be more expensive than the car and your pathos. To some they are objectively afford it, but those people with high incomes do not have much. Much more those who by virtue of their complexes and ambitions of trying to keep up with them, not realizing how much vitality is he takes, how many real opportunities, he denies himself in order to impress others. What I wanted to say all this, dear readers? Do not fucked ... you are camping, take Octavia! Do not be cattle, respect other participants DD, regardless of the value of their cars, do not drive on the edges, do not fit into the intersection, creating a traffic jam ... Here then will come happiness, peace and grace.



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