Created effective hybrid system based on solar and hydropower

Floating photovoltaic battery compared to conventional solar panels allows you to install standard solar panels on conventional reservoirs to maximize the use of available resources.


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Solar energy has become more available and cheap, making it highly competitive in relation to oil and gas. Prices have dropped significantly in previous years, which allowed consumers to see a bigger return on investment in solar energy. It opens doors for individuals, private enterprises and public services in search of the long-term prospects. In contrast to more popular options such as solar panels on roofs or on the ground, floating photoelectrically quickly gaining popularity as a third alternative to traditional solar panels, especially among resource-intensive industries.

Floating photovoltaic battery compared to traditional solar panels, allows you to install standard solar panels on the surface of any water bodies, to maximize the usefulness of resources. Valuable resources such as land, can then be used for other purposes.

Currently floating solar power plant combined with the existing hydropower plants to create a powerful hybrid system that generates energy. They are able to create a new renewable energy market for more energy to meet the demand for peak loads, increase economic benefits and solutions to environmental problems. Using floating fotoelektronnoi mutually exclusive renewable energy, solar and hydro, can be combined into a more powerful source of synergy.

Floating solar energy is new alternative to solar technology that is gaining popularity around the world. Currently, the worldwide installed more than 100 MW floating solar panels, and it is expected that by the end of 2017, the capacity will reach 5,000 MW. Japan became the first country which made this decision because of the need to preserve land resources. Now they are in South Korea, China, UK, France, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and the United States.

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Floating PV plant can be used for self-consumption by private or public organizations, but it is especially important for energy-intensive and water-intensive industries, like water treatment plants and reclamation facilities, wineries and dairy farms who can't afford to waste resources. The electricity generated by such power plants can also be sold in a common grid.

Due to the natural cooling effect of the water, floating graphic panels are much more efficient and produce more energy than a traditional ground system, providing enormous environmental, economic and social benefits.If you have a large amount of unused water resources. published  


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