India will build the world's largest solar power station

The Indian project will impress You with its scope. New SES will be more than 10 times more powerful than any of the existing. Its design capacity is 4 000 MW, which is comparable to 4 nuclear reactors. Lifetime SES for 25 years, and the annual electricity production will amount to 6.4 billion kWh, and reduce annual emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 4 million tons per year

Under future super-giant of solar energy is a dedicated land area of 7700 hectares, near the salt lake of sambhar, in the North of India. For comparison, Crimean solar power station "Perovo" (the largest SES in Eastern Europe) covers an area of 200 hectares and its capacity 105,56 MW

To implement such an ambitious Indian project United from 6 companies created the joint venture with a registered capital of $4.4 billion. Commissioning of solar power plant is scheduled for 2021.

Renewable energy in India is now experiencing a phase of rapid development, possibly due to the fact that more than half of the country's electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants. According to the plans of the government of India, the country in the near future intends to focus on renewable energy. 4 years ago, the capacity of all Indian SES accounted for less than 18 MW. For three years, was elevated to 2.2 GW. By 2022, according to government plans, the country will have 20 GW of solar electricity.

As for cost – solar power in India getting cheaper every year. For several years, the price dropped from $0.30 per kWh to $0.11. And in the near future, the government intends to bring the cost of "green" electricity of up to $0,035, ultimately, cheaper electricity generated by burning coal and natural gas.

In addition to a huge new solar power plant of sambhar, in the country at the moment is the construction of several large solar energy facilities in different regions of the country.



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