The philosophy of the East: the rule of getting rid of unnecessary things and bring good luck to your home.

The obsession with things - a fairly common passion of our time, which affects all sectors of the population: the rich and the poorest. Some people prefer to actively fight against materialism, pounding himself in the frame of a small space and adapting to unfamiliar conditions, while others turn their homes into real museums landfill, in which even difficult to go, and not just stay inside. However, if you have a house full order of things, and at a minimum, it does not mean that they will fill your home positive energy. Why is that? Let's turn to the wisdom of the East!

Eastern wisdom says: Get rid of trash mercilessly. First, the desire to hold on to old things - it's a sure sign of the psychology of poverty, and secondly, the old useless things take good energy and give poor. So, ready to disassemble your wardrobe?

The selection criterion of unnecessary things just one: if you do not use the thing a year or two, then you can safely get rid of it - it is you do not need. Remember: when you cling to things that no longer serve you, subconsciously do not want to let go of the idea that to you is no longer relevant. If you constantly see in his apartment the old dishes, worn blankets, torn in several places the wallpaper, then your subconscious forms an image of poverty. However it is necessary to restore order and get rid of old and useless things - how to find the time and money to buy new ones. You may even notice a pattern!

If you have torn or broken things, once they are repaired or thrown away, but in any case, do not let them to lie around and waited for an opportunity until a "star will" and "hand reach". From the perspective of Eastern psychology it is explained very simply: the negative energy that builds up in the broken things, inadvertently breaks and inner harmony at home, and this can adversely affect the health of all family members!

If you're going to make repairs or to buy something for the house, remember that emotions and feelings with the purchase will affect your well-being as well as on the energy of the home. Even such nuances as rudeness or irritability seller can give you a reason to associate with bad memories of this thing, which means that the purchase will not bring the desired joy.

If you believe the eastern filosifii, favorite things tend to give a positive charge, absorbing negative. After serving his term, things like batteries for disposal. But if with them not to give up time, the negative charge is able to ruin the spiritual atmosphere in your home.

How to get rid of unnecessary things?

1. If during the year the thing you're looking for and hardly found, and has remained unclaimed, said goodbye to ney.2. Get rid of all the old and worn, with spots, holes, and from the things that are shabby, worn and plain-looking.

3. This rule applies even to books that you buy randomly and never used them. Leave only one set that will reflect you today and how would you like to be tomorrow.

4. It is important to have in her wardrobe truly favorite things because they give confidence, and they will sit in some other way, and they feel themselves perfectly, and this feeling, whether you want it or not, is passed around.

5. Throw in the trash nadbituyu and cracked crockery, mirrors and other things with any defects.

6. Things have a tendency to take over and store energy person. Mostly negative. When the energy becomes too much, the thing begins to give. This is especially true of upholstered furniture for sleeping.

7. The maximum lifetime of a bed or couch (at least the mattress) - 10 years.

8. If there are items in the house, reminding you of chëm something bad or donated to someone you do not like, get rid of them.

9. constantly changing something in your home: rearrange the furniture, dust. Things should know that they are not forgotten.

10. All things in the house should cause good memories. Otherwise, the negative associations will reduce the energy of your home.

11. Before you hang a new shirt in the closet, throw the oldest.

12. Get rid of anything that does not fit the style, color and size.

13. Broken devices work as vampires, taking the positive energy of the room and giving negative.

14. In the East they say that through the gaps and holes on the clothes escapes positive energy.

15. Do not wear clothing with which you are associated negative memories, no matter how much it may cost.

16. If the items are delivered to you physical discomfort, they should be ruthlessly discarded.

Of course, not necessarily immediately undertake cleaning and throw out all the things in the trash. You can sell them, donate or give to people who need them most. Making a clean very helpful: place internal and external changes that freed space for all the new, life becomes more harmonious. In general, if you want positive changes in your life - to free a place for them! Like this, and do you agree with its contents? Tell your friends about it, they may also want to change life for the better!

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