12 tips from people who have lost more than 50 kilograms!

At present, so many people are overweight, not so much physically as mentally. And it is very difficult to pull myself together, they do not know what to do and where to get them started. Today we will tell you stories of people lost weight by about 50 kg and real tips that can help you, to take control of their lives and to change yourself for the better.

Signe Heffernan: "Make sure that each day you take small steps on the road to health"

grown thin for 57 kg in 2 years

"I started to walk, I went home from work at 5, 5 km. I did this for six months, and then began to move to a healthy diet: I removed all sugar, all processed foods. Then for a year I went from 3 to 5 times a week to the gym, where she began to lift weights and personal trainers.

Start small: Build your schedule, first do what you can. I stopped to take the bus and go home on foot. Lose weight with the help of a routine, not forgetting to gradually move to a healthy diet and gradually begin to play sports. Add yourself new challenges to spur himself "

Hunter Montgomery: "Follow your instincts"

lost 48 kg for the year

"There are so many experts in the health and fitness industry. You can try different exercise and diet. Most importantly, I realized that each person is different, and each responds to different things in different ways. No one knows your body better than you, and not all experts on the Internet. "

Olivia Sullivan: "If you hate cardio, find what you love"

Lost 45 kg per year

"Most of my big revelation is that I hate cardio. Cardio really sucks when you weigh 125 kg, it makes you feel really bad. A friend introduced me to weight training, and I fell in love with them. I could carry them in his heavyweight, and I realized it was just for me. I wanted to do cardio several times a week, but that I only pulled harder in the gym. Six months later, I began to go to a boxing match, I became stronger, tougher, and besides, it was really fun.

I went to a boxing match 3 days a week, and in the other 3 days I went to the gym. Now I weigh 80 kg and cardio given me much easier. This summer I plan to take part in the marathon at the 5 km! "

Diana Nosgaard: "If you hesitate to go to the gym, try to work out outside until gain confidence"

grown thin for 41 kg

"I started to walk (about 15 minutes) and aqua aerobics, due to which I lost about 7 kg. I continued to water aerobics four times a week for 9 months until I felt that I was finally ready to conquer the gym. I would have never thought that one day will become a girl who goes to the gym, but here I am. I go to the gym five times a week, where do weight training and doing cardio "

Jackie Kankam: "You can cry, from the fact that you have chosen the way of losing weight through exercise. Just know that your next workout will be easier to "

Lost 32 kg in 2 years

"I will never forget his first training session. I cried, I was ready to turn around and leave because it was very difficult, I was engaged in the gym on their work, so co-workers, who saw me like this, hidden from my eyes. One day, during a training session, I sat down and thought, I can do it right now, and everything went to hell, because next time I will not be so hard. So I did it, and I knew what to take, and it's too easy to give up.

My favorite quote is: "The difference between the fall and complete failure is you decide to continue your journey or not." I realized that no matter how hard for me right now, the next time will be easier. "

Garinder Pablo: "Do not sit on diets. Embark on a journey to change your lifestyle "

lost 32 kg for 3 years

"The most difficult part of my trip is to repair my life. This is not a diet, it's not a workout, and it's certainly not a tablet, it's a lifestyle change. There were many occasions when I wanted to go home, sit on the sofa and eating pizza or fried chicken wings. But I do not want to go back to the past way of life and be the person I once was. "

Zachary Rieger: "Find a community that will support and entertain you"

lost weight by 24 kg for the year

"Surround yourself with pleasant people. I was very lucky to have a girlfriend (now my wife), who have supported me. She supported me all the way of our relationship. My parents also encouraged me and applauded me when I completed my first marathon. All my best friends supported me, one of them even worked with me for a month.

Support the people around you actually works. It is so strong that can even go a part in the marathon. "

Timothy Reid: "Identify your bad habits and find a way to get rid of them"

lost 46 kg in 18 months

"It took me 1 5 years to lose 46 kg, but my weight loss is still ongoing. Food was my bunk * Otik, especially sugar. The struggle continues.

I began to teach myself to eat properly and keep track of calories consumed. When I started in the gym and build muscle mass, I again reviewed its food.

The temptation of food, especially sugar, has always been the most difficult part of my journey. It is necessary to transcend themselves, and do not keep harmful products in the house. I always cook food ahead and buy only healthy and nutritious food. "

Vanessa Nelson: "Find out what kind of psychological obstacles stand in your way, and change your life"

grown thin for 32 kg for 5 months

"I even started to go to a specialist to deal with my anxiety disorder ... I had a lot of fears with regards to weight loss. This may sound strange, but the weight loss scared me. The idea of ​​a possible failure scared me. But I let go of all your worries, which certainly changed my life. I felt a huge difference. "

Jenn Flores: "Compete with your friends"

16 months lost 27 kg

"I weighed 109 kg, I always felt tired and was ready to change my body back. I set a goal to participate in the marathon at the 5000 meters, but the marathon was only 2 months, and I still was a homebody. I told about the plans of his colleague, and he said he would run with me. By lunchtime, we have already signed the contract and I was like, "Fuck Now it's all real!". To begin with, we started to run on the beach after work.

The first couple of weeks, I could not hold out, and more than a minute. Little by little, I started to run quite large areas. It pushed me physically and mentally relaxing. "

Athena Garza: "Celebrate every victory, no matter how small, reward yourself"

For the 2, 5 years has lost 84 kg

"In the beginning, I lost 2-4 kg per week! But the more I grew thin, so my weight loss slowed down more and more, and I started to lose on 0, 5-1kg per week. Some weeks I even 500 grams does not hold. I was worried before each weighing and are very worried about their progress.

From the beginning, I thought about how to reward yourself for achieving positive results. Now every time I achieve this goal, I go to the store and buy yourself a new outfit or shoes. "

Kelly Geystler: "Know that the life can prevent you from losing weight, take setbacks calmly"

For the year she lost 56 kg

"I struggled with being overweight during law school, is a viral infection caused me not to take steroids in connection with terrible pains in the joints. I gained 32 kg for a few months while studying in his third year of law school.

In fact, to defeat the virus it took me about 6 months, I stopped taking steroids again and began working on their weight. I lost 33 kg, then 23, and finally a total I lost 56 kg. "


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