THINK, all around you - really?

How many of those who believe this nonsense talk about illusion, they know that they do not see the eyes? They "see" your brain. This is the only place where there is the "world", which, as they think, "surrounds" them. Our eyes simply convert light into electrical signals, which are constantly coming into the brain for further interpretation.

But the usual perception of a person is under the cover of the frequency of the veil. This veil - what we call the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye even as it can "see" only a small range. We can see only the so-called "emitting substance", which reflects the electromagnetic waves; but 95% of the mass in the universe known as "dark matter / energy." It does not reflect light and therefore invisible, but it can be estimated on the impact that it has on the "see" the universe.

What is called "ordinary matter," it is about 4, 5% of the total weight. It can be observed thanks to modern technology, but only a very small amount of this substance has been studied so far. In the electromagnetic spectrum have only 0, 005% of the total mass of the universe, and the human eye perceives only a small band of the electromagnetic frequency even. Imagine this infinitesimal share available to the human eye! Our eyes can only see a tiny frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum called "visible light" - a rainbow of colors between red and violet. (Many animals can see a large portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.) According to one writer, people practically blind. After all, our eyes treated with only a narrow portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which itself accounts for only 0, 005% of the known matter / energy. But even with this huge number of people are in a trance (including "scholars") ridicules the idea of ​​the existence of other life forms in the universe.

It is in this narrow frequency range (approximately 0, 005% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum) will decode the "light" in the "physical" reality. The eyes do not send three-dimensional images of the brain in the streets, trees, children playing in the park, or something else that we think we see around us. Eyes send electrical signals. It was only after how the brain decodes these signals in an imaginary three-dimensional reality, and there is the world that we think is really there "around." "Around" we have peace in our sense of the word; everything "around" - that is what is happening in our brain, or at least one of the layers of illusion, which it is.

The brain creates a "physical" reality by decoding the electrical signals into a three-dimensional holographic illusion. When you look at the screen, then, of course, you think that he is on the outside, but he just exists in your head - as you are in a "physical" body! Images and sensations from the "external" objects - is the electrical signals decoded by your brain, and the same applies to the sounds, smell or taste. Ear as all senses, converts vibrations into electrical signals, which are transmitted to the brain for further interpretation in sound. Sounds exist in your head. There is not even any flowers, but only neurons issuing certain reactions. The colors - are different wavelengths, which the brain decodes the "white" light of the electromagnetic spectrum. We "see" only what we provide the brain and has been experimentally established that in which we believe. There is no such thing as a "one" definition of the universe, because each brain has its own universe, formed by personal perception. The way electrical signals separate thoughts today can be traced using the latest scanning technology, and our beliefs and convictions determines the choice of the way.
Another proof of the fact that we did not see the eyes are our dreams and our memories, and we as a dream, and the images in our minds there are not through the eyes. And at the same dreams may seem very real, even when you feel the taste or touch. So, my friends, everything - in our heads. And people around - it's your personal dream characters, and life circumstances just decoration, living in your head. And just as in a dream, everything is possible in life. Deep Think about it!


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