Electromagnetic Harvester is the first charger that runs on the energy of electromagnetic fields


Electromagnetic Harvester – a portable charger created by a regular German student Dennis Siegel. Amazing gadget takes the energy of their any sources of electromagnetic fields: electrical networks, household appliances, electronic gadgets, vehicles, electrical networks, etc.


Scientists have discovered that the sources of electromagnetic fields release energy that can be reused, and decided to use Dennis Siegel. When ingested in a sufficiently strong field, Electromagnetic Harvester begins to accumulate energy, working as a charger.


Electromagnetic Harvester can be useful at home, at work or traveling. For example, using the built-in magnet gadget can be easily attached to the coffee machine or the transistor box trolley, you can simply direct the device on the power line. Electromagnetic Harvester starts to work even when placed in an electromagnetic field created by the person who is petting a dog.

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