Samsung Proxima: watch phone, or cell phone on the bracelet


Telephone, for convenience, embedded in the bracelet or watch that can perform all the functions of a full-fledged mobile phone? A hybrid of these two gadgets, a conceptual device called the Samsung Proxima, developed by American designer Johan Lokito (Johan Loekito) and suggested this project aware of the company.

Initially, the gadget Samsung Proxima was designed as a phone that never lost to care indirect basterash who tend to forget the phones on the tables in the cafe, on the shelves in the bathroom, on the bedside table in hotel rooms or at the bar in entertainment. That's why the designer has designed a special bracelet holder for mobile phone, and the phone itself is designed in the clamshell, the size of which is even smaller than a compact. Bracelet, made of high quality plastic, pleasant to the touch soft coating, includes a system of find my phone. It is self-activated, is only a phone away from its owner at an unsafe distance, signaling that this beep or persistent vibration. And calm down only when the phone will again be fixed on the wrist, in a special niche of "smart" bracelet. However, the search system can be run in enforcing mode.

Himself a flip phone is also worth attention, not only ultra-compact size and original design. Phone Samsung Proxima is equipped with three displays. External e-ink since it performs the function of electronic watches, and this display format allows you to work without much energy, and two internal OLED display — color, touch keypad, familiar menus and other features common to all modern mobile phones.

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