14 rules of search at Google. And why did I not know about this before?

Each of us had to look for information in Google, but do not always meet the expectations of search results. Often, the program can not understand exactly what you need from it, and outputs are not the answers that you expect. This is because few people know how to use Google properly. But this program has many features that most of us do not even know. Editorial .cc will acquaint you with several methods of research, thanks to which you will be able to find anything!

Search for exact phrase
If you need to find something on the exact phrase, not being distracted by the similar results, use conventional quotes em> ( «» ). It is very good for finding exact quote. By the way, delimiters can not bet at all. If you remember a line from a song and want to know the author, if you enter:
< « Will get home I bow silently pray to God» em>

Undefined Search
Even if you do not remember the quote literally - do not worry. Instead of the word or words that flew out of memory, put star em> ( * ). For example:
Will get home worship god pray * em>

An exception to the search
When you need that Google does not show the results in which there is some unwanted word in front of it is necessary to put less em> ( - ). For example, you need to look at the beautiful interiors of the apartments, but the annoying ads on their sale. Then input the search string:
beautiful apartment -sale em>

Search for synonyms
To make the program perform a search not only for strictly defined way, but also by its synonym, use the tilde em> ( ~ ), which is popularly called the "wave" (she is on button with the letter "e"). For example, if the tilde will stand before the word "greatest", then in the search will be displayed as "best", "brilliant" and other films in the sense of:
~ the greatest films of the 20th century em>

Search on the multiple choice
If you want the answer to one of several preset options used to search vertical bar em> ( | ). For example, you need to buy online a wide variety of things, and none of the stores you want is not set. Then Google will offer options where they can be purchased separately from each other:
Buy skewers | meat | lemonade em>

We need to find information on a specific website? Then you need to use the operator ( site: ). For example:
quotes Nikulin site:ofigenno.cc

Search by document type
When you need to find a document of a certain type, use the command ( filetype: ), followed by enter the desired three-letter extension. For example:
traffic rules filetype: pdf em>

Search within a predetermined range
If you need to find something in a given range of numbers, use the two points em> ( .. ) between the extremes. For example:
to buy a bicycle 25000..40000 rubles em>

Search similar web pages
Like any site, and you decide to find similar resources? Then write in the search bar ( related: ), and after the colon Put vending address resource. For example:
related: em>

The time of the city
In order to know the time in the city you are interested in, simply enter the word "time" and the name of your desired city. In the first search result will indicate the exact time. For example:
Vladivostok time em>

weather around the city
You're going to find out what's the weather in another city? Then use the operator ( weather ) before the name of your desired city:
weather Ulan-Ude em>

In order to solve arithmetic example, simply write it in the search bar. For example:
238-67 + 284 em>

Unit Converter If you need to convert one value to another, you simply enter the request. For example:
4 pounds in kilograms em>

Convert one currency to another is as simple as to count the physical quantities. Led by the right query on Google and will do everything himself. For example:
$ 100 Yen em>

As you can see, if you know how to deal with Google, the search becomes easy and efficient. Remember these few easy rules, and share them with friends, and then searching for information on the Internet you will have to go in seconds.

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