March cats

Outside, already in full sunshine, and clumps of snow turned into streams. But the real spring comes when they come - March cats. Savage warriors, lords of the streets and crowd favorites.

Japanese photographer Seiji Mamiya captured in their photographs, the behavior of a typical tomcat. < Website I have decided to tell you this story.

For a start - a little warm

And he appears

Fearless samurai warrior

Ready to overcome all opponents

To win the heart of his beloved

And save the world

For a long time he studied his enemy

And suffered defeats

But years of training have not been in vain

And he's ready to fight again

Apply all your skills

Entire day samurai looked for enemy

And tested its strength

Until he finally met him face to face

And - fulminant attack


And a crushing blow

The enemy surrendered

This is a victory!

Beautiful princess rescued

And the great warrior adopted into the family

Fortunately it is not the limit

He finally reunited with his beloved

For the new year, their son continued his father's work started

Photo: Seiji Mamiya history Site



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