You miss the cats?

UK scientists conducted an experiment to find out, you miss cat for the owners in their absence. As it turned out, cats are more independent from humans unlike dogs. Humming strive to be alone stronger.

Will protect you from danger? For the study was selected 20 different adult male who lived in families. As it turned out, the cats are less attached to people (unlike dogs). Due to the fact that the cat is not associating his master with his protection. Cats are simply not able to develop the "devotion to safety". The cat looks at the owner as someone who is able to protect him from the dangers of the environment. Scientists came to the conclusion that this behavior can be attributed to the entire cat family.

Differences between host and stranger is negligible.

Mary Ainsworth at the time had developed a psychological test called the "strange situation." It was confirmed by the results. By the way, test in the beginning was developed to study attachment of mother and child. The essence of the test is as follows: first the baby and mother leave in an unfamiliar room. Accident some time divide them. In the same way experimented and British scientists. Tested dogs, cats, monkeys and some other animals. So, in unfamiliar surroundings, the cats had for his master a little more affection and interest than to an unrelated person.

Here is what the Professor John mills: "Like dogs, cats experience a certain kind of fear when left it unattended. But we were able to establish that cats are much more independent in this respect. What was originally perceived fear of cats, is nothing but a kind of frustration". But, at the same time, we cannot say that males are not tied to the owners. Rather, they are just not so vividly Express.




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