Photos taken before the advent of civilization

Creativity Sebastian Salgado - is not only aesthetic, but also a way to tell many people about the fate of others. Environmental activities, ecology and human values ​​- that's what takes the photographer for several decades.

During his life, Sebastian realized twelve photo projects, the last of which, launched in 2004 - "Life" - was completed recently. The idea of ​​the project - a demonstration of places on Earth, almost untouched by man. Our country is also represented in it a series of photographs of indigenous people of the North - Nenets.

Exhibition of photos already held in London, is now in Venice and Website hopes that "Being" and would get to us.

Penguins on an iceberg between the islands and Zavodovsky high near Antarctica.

Okavango Delta, Botswana, Africa.

Frozen dog sled to the north of the River Ob.

Socket two black-browed albatrosses in the background - Willis Island near South Georgia.

Marine iguana on the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

La Cueva de Auyan, Venezuela.

Nenets in the north of Western Siberia, Russia.

Patagonia, Chile-Argentina.

Icebergs near Paulet Island, Antarctica.

A pair of cubs southern elephant seal, South Georgia.

Bats in the reserve on the Tamarindo Berent, Madagascar.

The huge tail of the southern right whale near Argentina.



Buffalo National Park Kafyu, Zambia.

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda.

Dinka, southern Sudan.


The Indians of the tribe Fawr fish in the lake near their villages in the region of the Upper Xingu, State of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Deception Island, Antarctica.

The eastern part of the Brooks Range, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.

Welcome to New Guinea.

Photo source: amazonasimages



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