Natural Surrealism

Even the strongest work of the artist is not able to convey the beauty of the Earth. Sometimes, in her landscapes lies a colorful palette, depending on which you think it's another planet. So what the original source of such picturesque figures should not go to museums, and for the city.

And if you can not travel in person, you can take a virtual tour.

Website asks you to fasten your seat belts. We go to a fascinating trip to the most surreal locations on Earth.

Dead valley Namibiya

Namibe ("a place where there is nothing") is considered to be the oldest desert in the world. It has existed for 80 million years and was formed during the time of dinosaurs. © otto

Rapeseed field in Liuping, Kitay

In early spring when the rape yellow flowers are in full bloom, the area becomes a "golden sea" - a show that turns into Liuping something like Mecca for photographers. © bbs

Lake Natron, Tanzaniya

In the northern part of Tanzania Lake Natron there, the water is hottest in the world. Their temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius. Huge previously deepest lake gradually evaporates. Now it is less than 3 meters depth. © greentooth

Frozen trees Laplandiya

Photographs of these "giants" have been made in Finnish Lapland, in the most severe frosts. To do this, Niccolo had to withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees. © Niccolo Bonfadini

Desert with lagoons Braziliya

At first glance, Lençóis Maranhenses, similar to a typical desert. But, in contrast to the barren Sahara and other places, where it rains regularly. Water accumulates in the valleys and intermediate dunes, forming a blue and green lagoon. © travelx

Volcano Mount Rainier, SSHA

Mount Rainier - a stratovolcano height of about 4392 meters. Its unique feature - cast a shadow in the sky at the most beautiful sunsets. © whenonearth

Arizona waves SSHA

Wave (The Wave) - natural gallery of sand and rocks, is located along the border of Utah and Arizona. Scientists claim that these rock formations formed over millions of years of sand dunes, gradually turning into a solid rock. © stltoday

Pink Lake Senegal

In Senegal, there is a unique natural phenomenon - Pink Lake. Area giant bowls with bright pink water, reminiscent of strawberry smoothie with cream, up to 3 km². © bioindustry

Caves fireflies, New Zelandiya

Cave fireflies - this is one of the most attractive places in New Zealand. Its main feature - the thousands of fungus gnats, covering a set of caves, like the starry sky. © opticoverload

Underwater waterfall Mavrikiy

This beautiful illusion of underwater waterfall is near Le Morne Brabant peninsula, the island of Mauritius. This unusual natural landscape formed as a result of runoff of sand and silt. © thevirtualtravelers

Fields of tulips in Lisse, Niderlandy

Gorgeous plantation colorful tulips in Holland - a stunner. It seems that the kids are restless, the land was decorated in all colors of the rainbow. © olgysha

Mount Roraima, Venesuela

Roraima - the main natural attraction in Venezuela. This 2700-meter mountain, the so-called mountain-tepui, which does not have the top, because of what distance it looks like a huge tree stump or a stone box. © guinnessrecord

Changing the color of the marble caves Chili

Bright blue caves, partially submerged in the turquoise waters of Lake Carrera on the border of Argentina and Chile. Locals call them the Marble Cathedral. © Dan Lundberg

The house is in the middle of the river Drina, Serbiya

A tiny haven, which gives shade in the summer heat and staunchly fighting the winds of autumn - that's more than 40 years this house symbolizes the harmony between man and nature. © Irene Becker

Rainbow landscape Danks, Kitay

Today, tourists from around the world gather in the Chinese province of Gansu, to admire the local scenery. The main attraction - a geological formation known as "Danks landscape", which means "pink cloud". © Melinda Chan

Great Blue Hole, Beliz

Great Blue Hole - one of the geological wonders near the Yucatan Peninsula, is a round crater depth of 120 meters. The best views of this failure are opened from above. © Wata51

Cave Han Son Dung, Vetnam

It is the largest cave in the world, it is possible to fly a plane and balloon. © Carsten Peter

Hitachi Seaside Park,, Yaponiya

The park, whose name means "Dawn", is located on the site of a former US military base. More than 120 acres of a variety of flowers and plants adorn the place. © shin-k

Whitehaven Beach, Avstraliya

The beach is known for its white sand, the purest in the world. It is so clean that NASA used it to create special lenses for telescopes. © noaml

Salar de Uyuni, Boliviya

Salar de Uyuni - a dried-up salt lake in the south of the desert plains of the Altiplano in Bolivia at an altitude of 3650 meters above sea level. It has an area of ​​over 10, 5 thousand sq. Km and is the largest saline in the world. © abc7

Ice Caves, Islandiya

The cave is located on the Skaftafell frozen glacier lagoon in Iceland. For centuries old ice is compacted in such a manner that is substantially free of air bubbles. © deluxebattery

The curves of the trees on the slope Slope Point,
New Zelandiya

During a visit to Cape Slope Point in New Zealand feel that time seems frozen right in the midst of the strongest hurricane. © eco-turizm

Yellowstone supervolcano, SSHA

The eruption of the volcano could lead to climate change on the planet. © crealia

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