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Consistency cats

Cats come in solid, liquid and gaseous.
 Solid cat jumps on people and trampled on it with sharp claws.
 Liquid cat can not catch it seeps through your fingers.
 Cat gas takes place more than there is in the apartment. Even the window pops out.

The dual nature of cats

Cats can become the wave of the particle.
 At times, they smeared in space, appearing simultaneously in each point and reacting to everything that moves.
 And sometimes fold into dense fur particle, leaving a fully with the nose, paws and tail.

Denumerability cats

Integer is not expressed.
 Evidence. Take the cat. How much of it? From zero to infinity. Zero - if the cat is lost.
 Near zero - when he walks. And like a cat, and at the same time he is nowhere.
 Approximately unit - when he is asleep, you can touch and make it.
 More units - when it wanders. You look, sitting cat. You look the other way, there is another cat.
 Infinity - when it is worn. Wherever you look, around cats.
 Such a simple, seemingly being. and completely defies account.

The essence of cats

The same cat may take a completely different look. Can pretend sausage or cap. And then suddenly become tarantulas or pomoechnye beast. Or suddenly turn ottomans, Durey bashkoj or cake. Or suddenly zaskachet commas.
 It is strange to consider a variety of objects of the same beast.

The asymmetric nature of cats

The cats are male and female.
 Female cats are very interested in cosmetics. Lyudyat sniff creams help to paint eyelashes, steal lipstick and cotton swabs. To be even more beautiful, cats often go into the entrance push the tail. How to see someone unfamiliar, right tail pushat to please.
 Male cats lyudyat play the horses, chasing the ball and meaningless stare from the cabinet, like the first time you see it. Cats love to help owners. They especially like to help there sausage and watching TV.
 Despite the asymmetric nature of cats and cats are friendly (when not fighting). Ten minutes rush galloping, then suddenly go to bed, turning into a beautiful fur rug. At the same time light and dark cat cat can qualitatively represent the yin and yang.

Empirical studies

The experiment.
 Take, for example, a cat.
 The result: a 30-minute loss of life. How can you refuse to caress essentially trusting purr?
 Conclusion: The cat - the perfect excuse for their own laziness.
 Take the cat.
 Result: the hand scratched, cat staring senselessly from the cabinet.
 Conclusion: the next time put on gloves.

How to Raise Me cat

Cat can be grown from virtually nothing.
 First, it is practically nothing will squeak plaintively, demanding food and stupidly staring at a saucer of milk, not knowing what to do with it.
 And you will wait patiently When it finally learn to eat on their own, shit on the place and walk on the parquet, without slipping.
 Eventually Nothing in turn is something that will be happily jumping, knocking down everything in its path, including you, to take everything that is not nailed down, and try to get something that is good.
 And you'll have to look forward to, when will it finally grow up, settle down, and the apartment will be left unattended even inedible things.
 Then it first nothing, then something will grow into something that will be around the clock lazily lie, taking a poldivana, and attempts to move - and grumbling abut.
 This is lazy and will be something that you have been patiently cultivated.

© Elena Chilingir


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