The most unusual and expensive diamonds in the world (12 photos)

The rarest diamond & quot; Martian Pink & quot; mass 12, 04 carats was sold Tuesday at Christie's auction in Hong Kong for 17, $ 4 million. & Quot; The Martian Pink & quot; is one of the most famous pink diamonds.


Hope Diamond is recognized as one of the most famous diamonds of the New World. It has a weight of 45, 52 ct. He has a record amount that exceeds 200 million. Dollars.

Yellow diamond & quot; Drop Sun & quot; 110, 3 car - one of the largest in the world - was found in South Africa in 2010. Paid for it almost 11 million. Dollars. That was the highest price for a yellow diamond.

In May 2012, presented Tiffany necklace with yellow diamond weighing 128 carats 54 - the largest yellow diamonds. Precious stone was found in 1878.


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