25 stars who have proven that people after high school — that's another story

Photo in the Yearbook is a reason for "shame" almost every second. And well-known personalities is no exception.

Website through high-school yearbooks of celebrities and made sure that someone from those times has changed a lot and got even prettier, and someone's charisma shone at school.

David Schwimmer

Matt LeBlanc

Bruce Willis

Eva Longoria

Kit Harington

Peter Dinklage

Owen Wilson

Blake Lively

Stanley Tucci

Kim Kardashian

Lil John

Renee Zellweger

Matthew McConaughey

Jennifer Lawrence

James Franco

Mila Kunis

Zooey Deschanel

Steve Buscemi

Steven Tyler

Alec Baldwin

Lindsay Lohan

Amy Winehouse

Marilyn Manson

Source celebyearbookphotos

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