Arrested the owner of a fake dating site where registered 2, 7 million men and only one woman

Nowadays, far fewer people meet on the street or in public transport. What if there is a social network dating sites and mobile applications-dating sites? Simply select girls from the catalog, but you can adjust the scripts to chat bot automatic phishing suitable options.

But there's a danger if dating site would not in what claims to be. It is full of spam profiles, the girls of easy virtue, and other types of fraud.

The unprecedented case of fraud uncovered recently in Japan. Owners of several dating sites offering men paid accounts with the ability to chat with the girls. At the same time of 2, 7 million online accounts were только one girl , and chats with men talked hired employees.

It would seem petty fraud, but no. The creators have put the matter on an industrial basis. Profiles with photos of girls is automatically copied from other online dating sites, and membership fees only in 2012, they gathered in the 10 billion yen (about $ 80 million)! The site is constantly sent out spam on behalf of the "cool girls" who allegedly want to talk.

It was not only fraudulent website of this kind. So much so that the Agency for Consumer Affairs of Japan published a special предупреждение for users with a call caution on dating sites, so-called site "Sakura».

Since then, Japan adopted legislation that prohibits such practices. Arrested last week, eight people involved in the work of one of the sites - proof that the police are seriously ready to fight internet pimps who use dishonest methods.

On the photos - Tetsuo Miura (Miura Tetsuo), one of those arrested last week.

One of fraud dating since 2004 and during that time has earned 6, 6 billion yen ($ 52, 5 million). It is said that there has been a paid VIP-subscribers who pay for the services of 13 million yen ($ 100,000). It is difficult to imagine that he had received for the same amount.



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