Frozen in time

33-year-old photographer Scott Linstead creates pictures in which animals and insects as though frozen in time. A former teacher spends about a week in an ambush by setting flashes and tripods.

1. In most cases, the speed of response of the human eye and the lens enough to make the photo manually. Some of these photos were taken in nature, others - on his kitchen table in a warehouse or in a pet store. (Scott Linstead / Solent News)

2. "Learn a particular animal's behavior - not a problem, choose a harder technique and a way to apply this knowledge. I manage to photograph the phenomenon, occurring once a day, and sometimes even less. The use of special tools and devices is very helpful when the photographer may not be the right moment to take a picture, or is he just does not have time, because the action is too fast. " (Scott Linstead / Solent News)

3. Scott from Quebec, Canada. He says that the love of vysokskorostnoy life in the wild requires a lot of patience, but the results are worth it. " "The worst thing is when for the perfect shot have all the parts, except for one, and, some minor. For example, a conventional idler, who decided to ask, what am I doing here, and frightened insect. This is partly why I decided to take some pictures in the studio. " (Scott Linstead / Solent News)

4. Scott brought Bryzgunov skipjack from Singapore and placed over their aquarium of live grasshoppers to fish jumped out of the water and spit on the prey. "The most important thing - not just capture the moment" spitting ", but does not capture the reflections on the glass of the aquarium." (Scott Linstead / Solent News)


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