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Children's: peace in the room.

Children's room – a special world in which the child spends most of the time. Here he is waking up, going to kindergarten or school here and returned after class. Here he fantasizes, imagining yourself as a character in fairy tales, heroic stories, fantasy. To create a comfortable for a toddler or a teenager the world in the room will help children's furniture Legend.

What should be in the nursery? Of course, the bed. Storage space for clothes, toys, books, all sorts of important items. As well as space for games.

You have the boy or girl, one child or more, you will be able to select the desired items for each without cluttering the room.

A bunk bed will take up much less space than two conventional, but still "hide" a couple of drawers where you can remove, for example, sheets, shirts-t-shirts or toys. And below the upper tier will be placed shelves for the dear little tenant of a hidden treasure, favorite books, pens, and a collection of liners. There is a third young member of the family? Put it next to the loft bed.

A loft bed is not just a place to sleep, wondering where to go. At the bottom are a wardrobe, shelves for toys and books. It is easy to organize a working area for the student is enough to put under the bed Desk unit. The bed is designed for the preschooler? Imagine the delight with which he will make "house" or "cave" underneath!

No matter big or small children, – children need to play. The furniture should be as compact as possible. Design feature of the modules of the collection "Legend" in their compatibility and functionality. The stairway to the second floor beds or loft is... a chest of drawers under each step is a drawer. Or stairs can serve as shelves. Dresser and Desk are free to move – they are placed on the rollers. The owner of the "apartments" will be able to try yourself in the role of interior designer – move to another place moving the modules without damaging the floor and myself.

Go to online store Momineen.RU, take a virtual tour of a future child. You like soothing colors? And future tenants of the nursery? Let the child himself will choose not only the colors, but the configuration of the furniture in my room! A vivid imagination would help him imagine any model in his room.

Children grow, their needs change, and eventually you might need another dresser or bookcase, or shelf. All of this can be purchased at without spending time on long and tedious trips through the exhibition halls furniture stores.


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