It is a strange tribe lives, as in the old fairy tale! This unity with nature, you have not seen.

When you think about the deer in my head at you suddenly an association related to the North Pole, tons of snow, the Christmas bustle and sometimes fabulous winter - with all that, what you read in an incredibly interesting children's books. But is this story possible in reality?

It turns out that this is possible in real life ... It's a strange tribe lives a hair's breadth, as in ancient legends where people have lived side by side with animals and in complete harmony with nature. The life of this nation from head to toe is surrounded with magic and mysticism. Just incredible!

This settlement lurking in the Altai Mountains in Mongolia. Its inhabitants - the nomads and used to living among dense forests along - who would you think? Do not believe me, with deer! B>

A strange tribe of animal lovers, and attracted the attention of their way of life has inspired many people.

The ancient Greek poet Pindar back in 518 BC. e. He mentions this utopian village in one of his works, and calls him "Hyperborea".

It indicates that the folk who live on the territory of Hyperborea - people who do not know what the grief and illness, not having idea what war and hard work.


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