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As you know, nothing lasts forever, and everything in this world has its beginning and its end. In this topic, a few facts about the events included in the story, as the latest in the world or in kind.

11 facts and photos for clarity here

1. End of the world public execution by guillotine.

The last execution by guillotine on September 10, 1977, when he paid his head Hamida Djandoubi (Hamida Djandoubi). The execution was carried out in France, in Marseilles prison "beaumettes." Executed Tunisian immigrant was convicted for the torture and murder of 21-year-old Elizabeth Bousquet, his friend in Marseilles. Dzhandubi was last executed since the death penalty in France is no longer applied, because in 1981 came to power, Francois Mitterrand abolished the death penalty.

2. The last matriarchal society in the world.

In China there is a tribe of Mohs (it is Musa, Moso, Moss), which has been two thousand years of living according to the principles of matriarchy. Settlement Mohs, also known as the Kingdom of Daughters, located in the northern part of Yunnan Province, on the banks of Lugu Lake and at the foot of the Himalayas. The population of about 40,000 people professed Tibetan Buddhism and has its own language, which is not even word for "father" and "husband».

All aspects of the life of the tribe is controlled exclusively by women. Ownership passes from mother to daughter, and sons are just as the inhabitants of the house. Even when the boys grow up and give birth to their own children, they continue to live in the parent homes, while their children are in the homes of their wives and their families. And all because the Mohs not recognize the marriage as such. Alternatively, loving couples enter into so-called "guest marriage", which came to nothing obliges and allows procreation. At night, a young man comes on a date to his girlfriend at her house in the morning, it goes unnoticed.

3. The last world Telegraph.

This summer in India closed one of the world's largest news agencies, marking the completion of a 160-year history of this type of communication.

Decision on termination of service was made public telecommunications service provider in India. Blame multimillion-dollar losses and the inability to compete with the cellular and Internet connection.

The last telegram can be sent to India Sunday, July 14, 2013. On this day in the telegraph department have come thousands of Indians: they were sent to friends and family messages as a souvenir.

4. The last representative of the world's subspecies of Galapagos tortoises.

Last summer, in the nature reserve on the Galapagos archipelago in the world, died last representative subspecies of giant tortoises Pinto (Abingdnoskaya Galápagos tortoise), a male named Lonesome George. How to tell the workers of the reserve, it was found the body of George June 24, 2012 Staff - caretaker Fausto Weller, to care for a turtle for 40 years. The exact age at the time of George's death was not known, however, according to the scientists, over 100 years old (Pinto Galapagos tortoises can live up to 200 years).

George was first discovered by scientists in 1972 and named after the American actor George tapestry. According to many environmentalists, it was the only subspecies of Galapagos tortoises, known as Pinto. With his death, the subspecies went extinct in status, reports the BBC.

George could not leave heirs - in spite of the successful efforts of scientists to arrange a meeting with him to females of other subspecies of Galapagos tortoises, the offspring resulting gave.

5. End of the world hand-written newspaper.

Every day in the Indian city of Chennai locals painstakingly write out the news of the day in their own language. Musalman - part four-page newspaper, which is written entirely by hand before mass production in printing. The newspaper contains national and local news, as well as a sports column. Traditionally, left a small corner of the front page in the event of an emergency, the hot news that may arise at the last minute.

Musalman - the oldest newspaper in Urdu, which is read by about 22,000 people each day. It is believed that this is the world's only remaining handwritten newspapers.

6. The last person died of smallpox.

So far, the disease has not been destroyed vaccine in 1979, people have been exposed to the virus for centuries. This type of smallpox killed up to 60% of adults and nearly 80% of the children, leaving scars in the survivors and blinding their victims.

The latest victim of the virus in the world has become a little Rahima Banu from Bangladesh. In October 1975, when she became ill, she was only two years. From the World Health Organization Banu received the vaccine and was completely cured. At eighteen, she married, gave birth to four children, and is still alive and well.

Unfortunately, Janet Parker, medical photographer of Military Medical University in the UK are not so lucky. After contact with artificially produced in a laboratory virus smallpox in 1978, she was the last person in the world, who died from the disease.

7. The last ship in the world with paddle wheels.

Despite the development of shipbuilding technology, the most reliable way is a boat with oars. Today operational preserved many steamers with paddle wheels or propellers, but basically they are used to tour as fun for tourists. And only one such ship still are sailing! This Scottish Waverley, built in 1947, which still makes regular trips around the coast of England and Scotland

8. The last guard of Hitler.

In early September 2013 in Germany at the age of 96 years died last stay alive bodyguard Rochus Misch Hitler. He was present at Hitler's bunker April 30, 1945, when the Fuhrer and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide. Misch and other guards entered the room shortly after the suicide.

Rochus Misch served as a bodyguard of the Fuhrer in 1940 - 1945 years. He had other responsibilities: to respond to calls where Hitler was to perform its various tasks. Often Misha used as a personal courier Fuhrer.

Rochus was captured by Soviet troops and spent nine years in prisons and camps. In 1954 he was released and allowed to return to their homeland. In Germany, he kept with his wife a small shop.

In 2008, Mish published a memoir called "The Last Witness. I was a telephone operator, courier and bodyguard of Hitler. "

9. The last Indian tribe in the world, living in complete isolation.

At the beginning of 2011 in the jungles of Brazil, in a small distance from the border with Peru, it was discovered and photographed hitherto unknown Indian tribe. The pictures were taken with the support of the Department of Relations with the Indians in Brazil.

Found tribe is quite prosperous and healthy. On the visible images obtained a basket full of fresh cassava and papaya, which were collected from the gardens of the tribe.

In addition, the tribe has at its disposal metal objects: knives, machetes and banks. Experts believe that they were acquired from other, more "advanced" tribes.

Nevertheless, the great danger is subject to the probability of survival of the tribe because of the influx of illegal loggers from Peru. Brazilian authorities are confident that the influx of loggers is pushing isolated Indians from Peru into Brazil and, quite possibly, could be a conflict of two groups of Aboriginal people.

In 2008, one of the tribes, which was allegedly first discovered during an expedition in the Amazon delta, caused a scandal. The researchers reported that the tribe has never in sight for modern man, and later found out that these Indians were described as early as the 1910s.

10. The last of the world World War I veteran.

In May of 2011 died last participated in the hostilities of World War I veteran Claude Stanley Chauls, who served in the British Navy. The veteran died in a nursing home in Perth, Australia at the age of 110 years. Chauls was regarded as the last of the veterans who fought in both world wars.

Last in the world veteran of the First World, who served in the Royal Navy, in its 110 years, he lost his hearing and eyesight. But there was of sound mind and refused medication. He did not like to remember the war. He said that for him it was "the work that brought money».

In the two years before his death Chouls still decided to retain their memories for centuries - he went on to literature courses, and soon published a book "The Last of the past».

In her native UK it says that he was at the front 13-year-old boy. To get it, Claude had to cheat - to add a few short years. As a result, he was in the Navy. He visited the battles in the North Sea, witnessed the surrender of the German fleet at the Firth-of-Firth in 1918 ...

11. The last plant in the world for the production of typewriters.

Last in the world manufacturer of typewriters - India's Godrej and Boyce - closed in April 2013, the only remaining factory in Mumbai.

"Underwood", "Remington" and "Eric", were once an essential attribute of creative people began to lose popularity with the development of computer technology.

Until recently, the last refuge of typewriters was in India despite the fact that this country is one of the world leaders in the IT industry, personal computers made it far to all there the offices.

Back in the 90's Godrej and Boyce was producing 50 thousand. Pishmashinok a year - one-third of India's output of these devices. By 2009, production fell to 10-12 thousand. Cars, after which the company was stopped, says one of the company Milind Dukla.

The most recent buyers were government, military, and judicial institutions in India and other developing countries, has not yet had time to provide their employees with computers.

Today, the company's factory warehouses stored about two hundred machines, most of which is the Arabic font. They cost 12 thousand. Rupees ($ 270) apiece. Perhaps "the last of magikan" attract the attention of collectors - although those and so can easily purchase a used typewriter from the online store.



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