20 pictures to prove that humanity is still a chance ... I want to be surrounded by such people!

Writer Ralph Emerson once very well observed that as a man of kindness, so much in it, and life. How good that the world's brutal wars, economic crises, natural disasters, there is room for something good and kind. After all, good deeds and helping neighbors - is something that never goes out of fashion. The ability to show mercy, kindness, and to save another when he is in trouble, makes you a great man.

It will prove to you that the world is still not without good people. This compilation contains the best good deeds around the globe. You can make sure again: kindness has no limits. And another way to help everyone, regardless of age, religion, race or nationality.

One 12-year-old Vadim from Minusinska found near the house of a small sparrow. Hearted schoolboy took him home and left the unfortunate bird. Now sparrow named Abby is very grateful to his savior. Welcome there!

Graduates of one of the gymnasiums Pirot different from the others: they decided to abandon the expensive dresses and suits at the prom, to give the saved money to the needy. During the campaign we collected about 310,000 dinars, which were transferred to the needs of families with seriously ill children. That's an act!

The man in broad daylight gives his shoes an unknown homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro. Acknowledgements beyond words.

The 10 thousand people gathered in the street near the house of a small Delaney Brown to perform for her Christmas song. Last year, this girl was diagnosed - myelogenous leukemia. Perhaps the best Christmas present that you can imagine.

Good child handing a balloon in the shape of a heart to the employee of the police during protests in Bucharest. The little boy - a big heart.

Fire produces water koala during a forest fire. Our younger brothers, too, need help.

The passengers of the train saw the elephant fell into the pit, and persuaded the driver to stop to help him. While help arrived, people were fed the poor guy leaves. That's what happens when a person thinks about wildlife!

This is the usual entrance of the house in the city of Helsinki. The note is written: «20 euros. Found in the stairwell between the 1st and 2nd floors of September 11 in 18.30 » i>. Yes, our people are still far from this!

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Girl gives the police the water during a heat wave. Well, when someone cares about you just!

Guo Shidzhin grew up in a very poor family, but always wanted to study at university. When at last his dream come true, the guy in the family had a misfortune: his father fell from a height during operation and remains paralyzed. Rather than abandon his studies, Guo found a way out: he received permission to take his father to his dorm to be near. Now the student takes care of his father and, among other things, a scholarship for a successful study. I think I know who have the courage to learn!

Before the game on a huge football stadium collapsed the downpour. This sharply colder, and the wind began to blow. The players decided to take care of children and shield them from the weather. Act worthy of more than a cup for winning the game!

One day in the subway turnstile was broken, and none of the workers was not there. Passengers simply left it at the entrance ... That's upbringing!

This little brave man risked his life to save the fawn during the flood. No wonder they say helping others - help yourself.

Nothing special: Afghan serves tea to American soldiers. Notice that the two men in the picture. Just as mugs and in the hands of good-natured.

Elephant who lost part of his leg due to an accident, wearing a new prosthesis. Welcome still win!

During the riots of Muslims, Christians surrounded the ring, so that they could pray quietly.

Now tell me, what is good - it's not a chain reaction. In response to the courageous act to protect the Muslims of Christians in Egypt during the Christmas service.

This school teacher bought a three-wheeled truck and turned it into a children's library. Traveling across the country so he tries to instill in kids the Italian love of reading. All books Antonio bought with his own money. I am sure that the visit of such a good magician - a real treat for the kids.

During the Moscow concert bands Korn audience raised their wheelchair with this guy, so that he could better see their idols. Kindness is evident even in the most unpredictable places.

When the man's wheelchair broke down in a shopping center, to help workers immediately came to the store. Always remained a man!

The passengers and metro workers have teamed up to save the woman had fallen under a train. Together, we managed to save a life!

These images confirm that the good people have not yet translated into a white light. How I would like to be surrounded by just such Dobryakov, ready at any moment to lend a helping hand. Hats off to these heroes of our time.

Show your friends how much good there is in the entire globe.

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