That awkward moment when the person to whom you are rude to the subway, greets you at the interview ...

That awkward moment when the guy who was rude to you on the subway, greets you at the interview ... Checkmate! Admit it, you're unlikely to want to be in such an uncomfortable situation.

It was a funny thing happened recently with a British employer Mette Buckland, who spoke about this on his page on Twitter. As a result of this story to share about 14 000 users. An incident to which he had to face on their own experience proves that the law of karma - it is not a myth and not an invention of Tibetan monks.

«The case happened on Monday ... I, as usual, during rush hour riding the subway to work and stood at the exit of the car, so when people came, I stepped aside to let a woman. I so happened to be in the way of some guy who was standing near me. He, without hesitation, pushed me and threw it in my address rudeness, almost knocking me off my feet ... » i>

If you do not pay attention to the bad start of the day, things at work at Buckland - specialist recruitment company known Forward Partners, financing start-up businesses - evolved quite successfully. Matt Buckland usually conduct interviews about 17:30. And at 17:15 in his office came on the last day of the applicant for the vacant position. And who would have thought that would be the interlocutor Metta guy who is in the morning in the subway "very polite" cost him.

Buckland immediately left the room to talk about it in a Twitter, and then came again. It seemed that the man was speechless, his jaw just dropped ... He could barely utter a word. It was truly embarrassing moment! Matt decided to take the initiative and start a conversation: «I went to him and asked how he had dawned morning. And we had a little laugh at the situation ». I>

The interview ended. During this short time post to Twitter Buckland gained a huge amount of "likes". People began to sincerely share similar stories for his publication.

You probably have a question: Does the guy got in the end work? In short, no. «As a result of the interview, I decided that he - not the one who needs our company ... By the way, this place is still vacant», i> - Buckland admits. He stressed this is not due to the unpleasant incident with which he had to face in the morning.

After the incident, many have begun to blame Buckland of dishonesty and impropriety, considering that he had no right to put this conflict to the public. To which he replied calmly: «I do not think it's a public disgrace or something similar. I do not even have the name of that guy ... Besides, I talked to him about this, and he perceives the situation with a bit of humor ». I>

A cautionary tale, do not say anything ... Next time before you want to be rude to a stranger, a thousand times think. Karma does not sleep ... As they say, do not spit into the well, it is useful to drink water! Tell me about this case, your friends.


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