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The history of mankind - a history of the struggle of rational and irrational, medieval and Renaissance, inventors and Luddites, the prophets, and the skeptics. The earth still revolves around the sun, and all the wood in continental Europe were not enough for the Church to stop the natural course of scientific progress. Could it be otherwise, if the existence of gravity every day confirmed once fallen pan, and the existence of God a long time ago not verify even the stray lightning in the crown of a blasphemer? Tactful religion advocates continue to claim that religion is the basis of human morality, and that God created us equal, but the latest studies show - the gods of inequality of people (in particular, God) is determined from birth. ] & quot; & gt;
Inbreeding, inbreeding, or - a mechanism familiar to every breeder as an opportunity to strengthen the progeny recessive, faint signs of interbreeding with the help of individuals who are related by blood. But do not rush to think that the appearance of the clean lines of blond beauties of humanity separated only harsh morality opponents consanguineous marriages. Reduced crop yields, degeneration of the animals, the occurrence of abnormalities and deformities - the inevitable side effect of inbreeding.

More surprising is that in Islam the story of incestuous relationships still encouraged religious dogmas. According to the most rough estimates, they are incestuous about half of all marriages in the Muslim world. In Pakistan, 70 percent of all registered marriages between first cousins, and even in an enlightened Turkey their number reaches 25-30 percent. Read more - by blood, researchers say about 30 percent of all marriages in Algeria, 46 percent in Bahrain, 33 percent in Egypt, 80 percent in Nubia, 60 percent in Iraq, 64 percent in Jordan, 64 percent in Kuwait, 42 percent in Lebanon, 48 interest in Libya, 47 percent in Mauritania, 54 percent in Qatar, 67 percent in Saudi Arabia, 63 percent in Sudan, 40 percent in Syria, 39 percent in Tunisia and 54 percent in the United Arab Emirates and 45 percent in Yemen. Better situation with the Muslims emigrated to western countries, "only" 40 percent of Pakistanis and 15 percent of Turks living in Denmark, and half of Pakistanis, moved to England, married to his blood relatives.
This is not just a funny figure in the next case study. This is the reason why Pakistani families in Britain at least 13 times more often than the indigenous population, have children with recessive genetic disorders. Much worse is that many of the consequences that brings Muslim inbreeding are not not only deadly, but even diseases in the conventional sense of the word. In fact, you can not ban the centuries-old tradition, on the grounds that of her children are born fools?

Several studies have shown that children born in a marriage of closely related, have a lower IQ than the offspring of families that are not related by blood - the average figures differ by 10-16 points. The same applies to the weaker abilities related to social behavior. Speaking, visual fixation, grasping reflex in children inbreeding appear later than their peers.

Chance of stillbirth is doubled when the parents are cousins. It increases the risk of infant mortality and the appearance of the child autosomal recessive disorder - a serious, often fatal diseases. Increased percentage of schizophrenia and other mental disorders among children from marriages of cousins ​​and cousins ​​might explain why the number of immigrants among criminals s just rolls over, even in countries where the percentage of the population traditionally large visitor.

All these reasons are far-reaching for the Muslim world consequences, and it's not the exhaustion of the budget, to which the result of illness the children of close relatives, and the difficulties of socialization, which because tugoumiya facing some offspring of migrant workers, and not even the bold generalizations the root cause of the economic backwardness of the migrant communities, which some researchers dare.
The fact that cognitive effects of inbreeding, blessed by Allah, may be the cause of the sad fact: Muslim countries are producing only a tenth of the world's scientific research, and the Nobel Prize managed to get all nine (!) Muslims (five of them received the Nobel Peace Prize, which makes total figure is even more tragic).

The general lack of interest in science and human development in the Muslim world, leading to the fact that in Arabic in the last thousand years of translated books less than translated in Spain each year, and 70% of Turkish citizens admit that they do not read books (according to UN Arab Human Development Reports).

Elegant illustration of the above can be considered as a traditional controversy over the Muslim holy fasting of Ramadan. This year, in most Muslim countries, Ramadan was postponed from July 9 to 10 due to the fact that the results of astronomical calculations did not match the picture of the practical - the new moon of Ramadan on July 8 have not seen. In particular, the Egyptian Authority for Fatwa said that on Monday the new moon was not witnessed. "Accordingly, Tuesday, July 9 will be the last day of Shaban, and Wednesday, July 10 - the first day of Ramadan," - said in a statement the Egyptian ulema. The objective scientific truth about dating new moons overawed by Islamic theologians. Strained relations between Islam and science as well shows a legend that remains of the Library of Alexandria were burned by order of the Caliph Omar. According to legend, the Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab had commanded the commander Amr burn the Library of Alexandria, reasoning as follows: "If these books say what is in the Koran, they are useless. If they refer to something else, then they are harmful. Therefore, in fact, and in another case, they should burn. " But the reality, as always, the best legends. Historian Caliphate O. Bolshakov critical writes: "Specialists are well aware that this is only a pious legend that attributes Umar" virtuous "act - the destruction of books contrary to the Koran, but in the popular literature, this legend is sometimes presented as a historical fact." Recognition historian "piety" of the history of the destruction of historical, cultural and scientific heritage of unparalleled importance - just another bar to religious portrait.
For centuries, Islam celebrates Pyrrhic victory over the advantages that gives man the knowledge of the reality of the scientific method. We do not want to repeat the fate of the Islamic radical slaughtered Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, why not going to retell the story of the infamous film "Submission" about violence against women in the Muslim world. But we can not fail to mention the great rulers of Turkic powers Ulugbek, grandson of Tamerlane's favorite. When Ulugbek Samarkand became one of the world centers of science of the Middle Ages. Around him, a whole scientific school, uniting prominent astronomers and mathematicians, he encouraged poetry and medicine, history and art. A talented scientist, a clear idea of ​​the scientific purpose and its implementation, and the governor of the powerful state has sufficient funds for the realization of their dreams, Ulugbek could not keep his throne. That passion has allowed science to accuse him of heresy, and dreaming of a throne son Ulugbek Abd al-Latif took advantage of the loss of confidence in the army from his father and went to his war. The greatest astronomers, and perhaps the greatest scholar of the Muslim world was killed on the orders of his own son. Consanguinity in the Islamic world never goes unnoticed.
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