7 ways to be a spiritual person, without being RELIGIOUS

When religion tries to control you and think of you, better start thinking independently. Here are some ways a spiritual person, not being religious ...

Every time I enter into any discussion on a religious theme, and I was starting to ask if I believe in God, my answers are often incorporated opponent confused. You see, the thing is, I do not believe in God in the literal sense of the word - and yet I am a very spiritual person. How do I get it?

The thing is my definition of spirituality. I believe that we are all connected together by some invisible energy field. And when we begin to realize that everything that happens both with us and with other people, there is a reason, and we can influence it, we are able to "connect" directly to this field. Perhaps now some of you think I'm talking about God - just another word. No, the force, the energy field, I'm talking about, is not controlled by some rigidly established by the laws of nature, and especially religious dogma. No, it is created and expanded set of vital energy of all the people on Earth, and by raising our consciousness, we can make this field more and fill it with more energy. But for this our minds should not be open-minded and limited by any dogma was particularly religious. Religion - practically any religion, with a few exceptions - tells us what we should believe, she did not leave us any room for doubt or free thought, and because the mind of the believer never rises to the level of consciousness, to which it is theoretically capable of.

No, I do not believe that religion - it is something bad. Since ancient times, it plays a huge role in our society. I understand its social importance, and even understand why people so want to believe in God - whatever it was. This usually stems from a desire inherent in all people desire to be part of any community, and in this respect religion has undoubted service to many people. But when religion tries to control you and think of you, better start thinking independently.

So I present to you 7 ways to be a spiritual person, without being religious:

1. Try to love those around you, or at least to be more tolerant towards them
Too often we forget to love the people around us - family, friends, relatives. Do not get hung up on their concerns and desires so that you do not have time to anybody else. When we spend less time on the soul-searching, and takes an interest in those around us, we, paradoxically, can much better understand ourselves, and where to pick up their identity, to strengthen our relationship with the universal energy field. Furthermore, if we look around, we are much more likely to be able to help someone, the first thing it will benefit us.

So try to be more tolerant and to the colleague who takes you out of yourself and your neighbor, the dog that is constantly shits in the stairwell. I do not say "love your neighbor" as many people we can not "love" even at gunpoint, and usually, our instinct is not mistaken here - from communicating with these people, and only, especially on closer relations with them have to wait for anything good. Fortunately, such people are rare, and most of the people with whom we communicate, it is worthy, if not love, then at least respect. So do not let the unimportant detail overshadow your work or friendships.

2. Try every day for a little while "connected" to a higher level of your consciousness
Somewhere there, on top of it, there is already an image of the person who you want to be the heart and the life that you really want to live. However, when you begin to strive for the life of your dreams, you will inevitably begin to think more about themselves, which in turn lowers your consciousness to a lower energy level. It is perfectly possible to combine the realization of their desires with the conclusion of your consciousness to a higher level, thinking about their goals for long, but as often as possible.

For example, stuck in traffic or waiting for the bus, do not waste time in vain - think about who you want to be and how you want to do. By doing this you briefly connect to a higher level of your consciousness, and at the same time step back from all the noise of life that hinders you. In doing so about 10 times a day for 5 minutes, you are at the same time not lose contact with other people, and do not forget about the purpose of your life.

3. Do what you like
Doing what you like, you free your mind from the confusion of ordinary life, worries, anxieties, and, in general, begin to enjoy more of your life, blending in harmony with your inner "me." Favorite activity takes you over the marsh "existence", making truly live. For example, I like to write articles, and although I do not always manage to do it as much as I want, I still try to sit down at the keyboard or pick up a pen every day at least a little.

After all, when I do it, the mist around me dissipated, and it seems to me that I was in some other world - where I feel much more positive, and my soul soars to the heavens.

4. Do something for other people, not expecting anything in return
There is no more correct and faster way to improve their own spirituality than to help others on a regular basis, without expecting anything in return. Besides, doing it, you feel just great.

If you have children, you are already familiar with this feeling - this is the feeling you feel when you give them to the New Year what they have long dreamed of and see how the eye filled with happiness. But why wait for the New Year? You can try him on a weekday, making something simple - for example, to hold for someone to the door, missing someone forward in rush hour, helping a colleague bought flowers to his wife (although the latter should not be abused, or she, God forbid, you suspect something). There are a lot of tiny things that you can do every day without much difficulty, but which, nevertheless, able to eventually bring your consciousness to a higher level.

5. Turn off the TV
Yes, I understand that you might think that the TV for you - the only way to unwind after a hard day, but watching another soap opera or bloody detective, you are bound to fill your mind with thoughts of separation, crises, death, betrayal, and instead to relax and clear your mind and feelings from the accumulated per day of negative, only increases the load lying on them. Remember, even though you know that watching a movie, your subconscious believes that although this film, but that it is happening, it could happen in real life. Looking at what is happening on the screen, the subconscious mind begins to whisper in your mind that people - the bastards, life - shit and instead help your spirit to rise to the heights, overthrows him down. If you really want to relax in front of TV, better to include some kind of educational program. So you distracted from work, and learn something new, and clear your mind from the emotional debris, allowing him to soar to the heights.

6. Read good books
And for good books, I mean books that can inspire you and make you admire the life and nature of mankind. During my life I have read hundreds of books, and most of all I liked the ones that inspired me and made me think about what life is, and how can I make it better - for ourselves and for others. Good books only improve your mood, as the great book to inspire change for the better. I still remember all read the books I Stuart Wilde, and although I think it is a bit out of this world, his style and the way he stirs the mind of the reader, just great.

7. Dedicate yourself every day for 15 minutes trying to reconnect with his inner "I»
Many people are making the usual awareness meditation. Often meditation believe something mystical and confusing, but it is not so. In meditation there is nothing particularly difficult. Everything you need for a successful meditation - it every day to sit quietly in a quiet location 15 minutes (preferably at the same time), calming thoughts. In doing so, you improve the image of your brain waves, and enter into a state of your mind, rendering beneficial effect on you for the rest of the day. And if you meditate every day, then I can guarantee you - in a few weeks you will feel like a completely different person. This is the shortest path to the reunification with your inner "I" and the transition to a new level of consciousness.

I - not the preacher, which broadcasts the people: "Do just so and not otherwise, and that you will suffer God's punishment." I just instinctively know how to behave with other people, and I know that for me is right and what is not.

We are working on our life as our thoughts and actions, and if my tips lead to the fact that more of them will be dictated by conscience, have passed to the next level of existence, then your life will be much better and you will have much less of something then regret.

Steven Aitchison


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