15 THINGS THAT ALL badass and fearless ALPHA FEMALE doing wrong, as usual

Call them brave, fearless and strong, it is the women who attract like a magnet! Here are some things alpha women that they do differently than others!

Here is a quote Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, which reads: "Decent women rarely make history».

It is often printed on the advertising boards and cards to women in accordance with the fashion of the 1920s. But for me it's more than just encourage women to continue to travel and roam the wild; is a celebration of women who opted for the courage, bravery and determination to live the life that you want, and not one that "expediency».

Call them brave, fearless and strong, it is the women who attract like a magnet. They frighten associates and inspire those who are waiting for evidence that they too will inflame your passion and enjoy their independence. Some of them I know very well, and they have changed my life (and helped me reveal my hidden qualities teaser).

Here are 15 things alpha women that they do differently than others:

1. They live exactly as they want
It does not matter, they alone or with someone, they create a life and live the life you love. Although it may not feel 100% comfortable in the initial stage, they force themselves to take a lesson, book a ticket to visit the restaurant and realize that life will not wait until you find someone else to enjoy it together.

2. They themselves make the first step
It does not matter whether it is a stranger on the street, with which they can say hello or offer on the apartment they want, or a request of his boss about additional responsibility, alpha women prefer to hear "no" than sit on the sidelines and wait someone will give them the opportunity.

3. They do not lower yourself
Hardly there are many men and women who walk the earth, feeling happy 100% absolutely always. But the fearless alpha women understand that there will always be someone smarter and slimmer than they are and not be upset because of this. These women know that they are not determined by some individual attributes. They know what they are - a set that is a hell of a surprise that would have spoken about it.

4. They do not need a man, but they are open to partner
In a world where loneliness as a disease to be treated, it is important to meet a woman who is good not only on the merits, but is not looking for a compromise on the distribution of time for friends, a career, a hobby. Fearless women are not looking for a savior, a benefactor or a toy. They are not looking for anything. However, brave and fearless women are happy when they meet someone who understands them, accepts, respects, respect yourself and looking in the same direction.

5. They do not spend time on the desire
Each of us there are events that we would like to conclude otherwise, but a strong woman knows that only past experience can give a lesson in how to act is now.

6. They shout at people
They are not one of those people who will sit quietly in front of someone who does not respect them or hurts, and then weep. They nakrichat these people, to put in place here and now.

7. They know when to leave
They know that the second attempt to do something - friendships, relationships, wrong decision - a waste of time and effort on something that will not do much good.

8. They are waiting for the time to talk face to face
Witty texts could be a prelude to a fabulous date, but will you every day to write the guy who will never see? Fearless and determined women are not looking for guys by correspondence. Instead of hours to communicate virtually, these women prefer to meet face to face, because they know that any serious-minded person would want to see a real smile in real time.

9. They give themselves a real chance to meet someone
These ladies know that the real value lies in living communion with the person, and not the number of boys by correspondence in VKontakte. They enjoy the clubs with her friends, but not afraid to visit a sports bar, network event, the opening of the museum, or even go to independent travel.

10. They do not claim to be shooting in the "Bach»
Compete for male attention and love? Are you kidding?

11. They also claim the title Kardashian
They seek to be stars in real life, not real stars.

12. They see themselves as an investment
They are proud of themselves. According to them, corporate ethics and reputation of their friendship, manicure and handshakes - all women to invest in themselves, without the slightest regret.

13. They do not represent the victim
They know that people will do everything possible to substitute them and to return to normal - that's life. All they will do again - it's just life, such a scenario is repeated a million times. They know how much depends on their response to the situation. They get this experience, roll up their sleeves.

14. They decided to go for it
Regardless of the fact that it - work, man, child adoption - these women are mulling things make plans and promote their own idea of ​​happiness.

15. They will never spend my life in order to adhere to the ideas of others
Instead, they get the driver's seat, the sound of their favorite tunes and the opportunity to go in the direction of your dreams.

Brenda Della Casa


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