Camping lantern CampGuard will guard your camp at night

Multitasking camping gadgets (like the Biolite BaseCamp) can greatly simplify the traveler's life or just make it a little more pleasant. Now, however, their ranks were swelled by "severe" lantern CampGuard, which will take on a much more important function — it will protect your camp from intruders. CampGuard from us start-up Bright Path combines the functions of LED lamp and a full security system with motion sensor.

As the base of the lamp CampGuard capable of delivering powerful light output in 100 and 300 lumens. But of particular interest is the third mode in which the flashlight activates a 360-degree sensor that can detect any movement within 10 meters. When the sensor sees movement, it automatically includes a high brightness, which should scare away wild animals or criminals.

If the traffic stops after 15 seconds the lamp goes out. At the same time with bright light CampGuard activates the siren, the sound of which is specially configured so as to scare off predators and dangerous animals. Of course, your neighbors on a busy campsite unlikely to be happy this night mouthpiece, but to travel in remote areas, the lantern is ideal. The price is $79,99, and with the principle of the miracle-the device can be found by watching this video:

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