Children's camps for every taste

Everyone can remember the happiness of your stay in the children's camp. And all it was required that the observatory and a splash pool with fallen leaves. And burning circle. You can imagine how much fun the kids feel when they get into these camps, as in this list.

Shark camp in Fiji

The entertainment program at the camp include extreme fun - swimming in the waters where there are sharks. In the camp allowed only teenagers and high school students. The camp is located in a zone controlled and protected nature reserve Shark Reef. Children swim under the supervision of the instructors in clothing divers. In addition, they carry on a tour of the island where the volcano Beck. The camp is one of the training programs for admission to various colleges of special areas, such as a biologist.

Camp with pandas in China

Camp called 360 Student Travel (360 travel for students) - can not do without the Chinese poetic quirks in the name! - One of the most beautiful camps in the world. By the way, the name is quite telling: Children who rest here, get a rich cultural program, which did not get in any tours. They were taken on a tour of the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, in the city of tigers and bears, on the Great Wall of China (and this bicycle tour). Every day, children are taught to ride bicycles, skills climbing, rafting, learn to plant and cultivate the rice fields, taught calligraphy and ancient dances, acrobatics and martial martial arts.

Children take mud baths, good camp is located in ecologically clean place.

But most importantly, of course, is communication with the pandas. There is a nursery where they grow pandas and help them recover. The children act as volunteers. No wonder that kids of all ages literally disappear here all my free time. Who would not want to mess with the sweetest creatures?

The cost of living in the camp for the month is from 6100 dollars and above. This is because children do not live in houses, and in most of these luxury hotels.

Camp for young demolition (Explosives Summer Camp)

Missouri near mountain plateau Missouri Ozarks is a children's camp, which attracts children from all over the planet. Here they are trained to handle explosives, show how the dynamite explodes, plastids, TNT.

Camp Director Paul Worth, professor of the Institute of scientific technologies in Rolle, thus attracting the children actually "hooking" them to work in the mine. He loves his job, take all precautions when working with children. Its all love, because he is a joker and a prankster. Naturally, the limits delights children simply do not. This is what a joy - for real, on-vzapravdashny povzryvat anything. It accepts children from 12 to 16 years and older are already invited to the training courses as students.

The most expensive summer camp on Lake Racquet

In the heart of the Adirondack mountain range in the Appalachian Mountains in upstate New York situated clean lake missiles. It's luxurious place is little known, and therefore expensive. It is considered so exclusive that even children's camp on the site are not specified prices: they are offered individually. We only know that a child will have to spend at least $ 12,000 per month. But staying here worthy of kings. Child offers quality modern equipment, like the Olympic champions in the camp working security, coastal surveillance, children can canoeing and rowing. There are training equestrian, tennis, children live in vans on wheels, equipped with the latest innovative technologies.

Has its own theater company, who oversees the artists and directors from Broadway, as children learn to play musical instruments, and in the evenings on the lake plays a live orchestra. Different genres of music, but mostly jazz sounds. There then their vocal coaches, personal coaches, in general, anything you want for the full development of your offspring.

Clean water, expensive, luxurious food. In the camp at the same time can rest 450 children aged 6 to 16 years. For each child, among other things put in charge of the personal assistant and curator.

The camp is divided into a zone for boys and girls. But the activities and entertainment are held together. The camp was founded in 1916 and ever since has been to camp for the elite, and stayed.

The camp is good manners in Charleston

If you need to get your child was brought up as the Queen of England, give it to the "Charleston Camp protocol and etiquette", or as it is called formally - Civil Savvy Camp in South Carolina.

Each year, young ladies and gentlemen in age from 11 to 15 years are taught very many skills: social activity, success, and the ability to position themselves in society, to develop and hone leadership and business skills, to behave at the table and in the society, the art of dressing and talking . Of the unusual skills are taught to behave in social networks, says the right tone to express their emotions eyes, or, conversely, to be able to mask them. Children learn to sing, dance, learn public speaking, literacy, language, expand erudition. In other words, do all to the camp came the brilliant aristocratic lady.

But do not think that the kids here are going crazy from boredom and eternal shtudirovaniya rules. There is dancing, and swimming pool, and lots of clean children's entertainment, sporting and cultural.

At the end of the season the kids take the test on how they learned the skills of etiquette. On this festive evening the presence of parents. It's more like a cheerful holiday-ball, rather than on the exam.

Camp Hollywood stunts and stuntmen
Hollywood Stunt Camp - Camp Hollywood stunt created to ensure that children were able to perform complex tricks that perform the stunt in real films. It employs Hollywood experts, they and teach children how to fall (for example, with a 10-meter tower to the ground) and flexibility, dance, wrestling, tumbling, and other nuances that they can perform stunts without hurting yourself. Education stays at the camp is from 2,000 to 10,000 dollars for one child in two weeks.

Camp for future astronauts

Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama - real student (ie research) camp just for teenagers. Here, everything is real. Children learn the technology, engineers, mechanics, and various sciences, and continuously trained, including in conditions of weightlessness. To training was interesting for children create anturazhnye "mission" and the kids walk on the "moon", exploring the development of the planet Mercury in a pseudo created conditions. In fact, the camp is already preparing for future astronauts, although you can relax here and just like that, only the dress and leads the child.


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