Aidar Farrakhov: What gives the child the camp, but could not give the school

... Or why best rest is a change of scenery and test drive new features.


Remember comrade Dynin?

"When I was a kid, I too had a rest in pioneer camps. We then had a rough time. Slept in makeshift huts. Cooked on the campfire. Themselves to carry water, do Laundry. It was not built in a domestic relationship. And now? Look around. What you body was built. What grass broke. Water supply, TV! The gas kitchen. Greenhouses, flower gardens, events.
Children, you — the owners of the camp. You! What is required from you, my friends? DISCIPLINE!"

Sixty six million eighty eight thousand fifty two

And then for 99% of children Union camp "Artek" was a pipe dream. But there were other camps that I would like to tell.


I had three options. The first is the urban school camp on cots in the same class, where we studied. It was boring, sad that you're entire school year sitting at the Desk and again the heat of summer have to spend here.

The second option in the fresh air in a pine forest. It was a different matter. The camp was quite near Yelabuga, where the famous Russian painter Ivan Shishkin painted from nature "Rye", "Pine forest". It was a camp called "Golden hill", on the other Bank of the Kama river, near the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

Well, the most luxurious option: three summers mother managed to get me tickets to the camp on the Azov sea. There we lived in a rural school, and it was perfect. The proximity of the sea, warm nights, the smell of other plants and trees, the fruits, the hot sun did the trick. We didn't care where we lived, important for us was the atmosphere.

Yet all three summers at sea I was elected Vice-Chairman of the Board squads, had such a position in the pioneer organization, and I, of course, amused his children's feelings.

And I, of course, like many children, didn't want summer to end. Back to school is not wanted. The camp gave the feeling of another life.

Fifty six million two hundred thirty three thousand six hundred sixteen

This is what gives the child the camp, but could not give the school:

1. The opportunity to start with a "clean slate". Someone can't find friends in the class, fear of publicity, to come to the Board and say a few words. For another child there is a problem to collect all your attention to solve the problem, someone is not yet able to work in a team…

The camp helps in the circumstances to start all over again.


2. School is monotonous. (I'm not talking about all schools. I'm not talking about the wonderful schools in which leadership develops the children in different directions). Camp gives you the opportunity to chat on different topics, in different languages. Different environment. Theatrical environment, language, vocational guidance, tourism, sports, fantasy and many others.


3. Camp is like a test drive of the new machine. The drive may not like. But negative experience — too experience. The cost of error is low.


4. Holidays in the camp provide an opportunity to feel successful.What is important for a child. Your child learns to be independent.

Fifteen million five hundred thirty thousand three hundred fifty seven

Through this quest, the child learns many things:

  • overcome your fears,
  • learn independence,
  • solves communication problems,
  • learning to take responsibility.

This summer we're going to the suburbs for a change called "Neuronet". This is the first change in Russia about the future of the profession. For us it is a new and exciting experience. The guys try to look into the future today. They learn how to use the neural interfaces, and other similar technologies, what are the prospects of their application in the near future when may occur the first communication formats Neuronet and in what field of activity can be applied.


"We call Neuronton information environment, in which an important part of ensuring the success of the collaboration are advanced communication, advanced including through biogennych and, in particular, narodnih. Simply put, it is communication that uses data about the brain. This automatic machine telepathy, which speeds up the work.»

Timur Shchukin, teacher's camp professions, moderator school of management SKOLKOVO, co-founder of the Russian group "Neuronet" Also interesting: Mysteries of the Finnish school: less learning — the more you know

How we all survived!? Children 50-60-70-80-ies dedicated!!!

It is the junction of several professions, specializations, fields: medicine, IT-technology, psychology, design. During the two-week shift, children can meet and master the techniques of collective action and to create technological solutions that can make this activity considerably more efficient. This will help them not only in the distant future, but already in the present.

Author: Aidar Farrakhov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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