How to sit to avoid back pain

Reasoning and instruction on the proper planting of a great variety. But many of them are not understandable to a person not familiar with anatomy or too tight. Talk about this in detail, but briefly.

First sit up straight. Not so straight as You think, but correctly. Right direct planting is taught in yoga, unfortunately not many people attend these classes. Let us examine in detail the correctness of the direct seat.

Let's start from the top, gradually descending down. The first thing to pay attention to the chin.

Usually people are divided into two categories: some turn up their noses to the sky, others nose-dive into the ground. Hiked up the chin creates a pinched in the nape region. This creates tension throughout the body.

Too lowered chin less harmful to the body, but the dual sets it's not terribly pretty. So, head to keep straight. The correct position, when the chin is slightly lowered, but not much, and barely. If you think that You can not find the correct position, You will help the book, put on your head. In the correct head position, the book will not sway and fall.

Then pay attention to the shoulders. As a rule, they bent forward and pointing towards his chest. They certainly need to straighten. To do it just. Need rotational movement to put them back, in any case not bullying, but rather lower, at the same time to involve the stomach.

Then, you should feel like You're sitting. We are talking about the buttocks. Sit and move in order to understand in which position the weight is evenly distributed on both buttocks. If You fell on its side, one of the buttocks will be wound tighter than the other. To feel it snap.

Now legs. They are not to mix to shove under the seat. They must be connected in knees and feet, and to stand at a right angle. For the ignorant, a right angle is 90 degrees. If you don't do absolutely uncomfortable, you can slightly stretch your legs forward.

What You choose to sit should be fairly rigid. About the sofa in this case can be forgotten, unless You have a couch custom made with the most solid seat, then we can make an exception, but you're sitting on the edge of the sofa (don't forget about the correct placing of the feet).

If sitting in this position, You continues to ache, you must stretch. Mash feet and hands, twisting movements. Very good to do this exercise: inhale to bend, exhale to arch your back like a cat. You can lie down, tucked under the back cushions.



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That's figured out how to sit to avoid back pain. You can sit in a proper posture for more than an hour? Congratulations, You have perfect posture. It is usually impossible. If You lead a sedentary life, as corny as it may sound, you need every hour to do the workout. I'm afraid to forget about the interruptions, set the alarm clock or put a notice, since most phones nowadays allow to do it. Try to sit up straight. Health is more expensive.published



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