Low back pain: how to sit, stand, and lift heavy

Osteochondrosis — a disease of man as a biological species. Mass morbidity is primarily associated with the vertical position in which the load on the spine and intervertebral discs is significantly higher than in animals.

When the disease affects the discs and the cartilage pads between the vertebrae, causing narrowing of the intervertebral foramen, and out through the spinal nerve roots are compromised. It causes severe pain. But if suffering from osteochondrosis learn to sit, stand, lie down, the pain they may be prevented or reduced.


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Avoid too soft furniture — it is not for you. To excessive body weight pressed on the spine, the body must be supported by the ischial tuberosity, and this is only possible on hard seats.

This furniture where you have to sit for long periods of time has the following requirements:

The height of the chair, the chair must match the length of the tibia — it is necessary that the foot rested on the floor. For people of small stature it is recommended to put under the legs of the bench.

Maximum depth is about 2/3 the length of the thigh.

Under the table there should be enough legroom to not have much Flex.

If you have to sit a long time, try about every 15 — 20 min. to warm up a bit, change the position of the feet.

Ensure that the back is tight against the back of the chair.

Sit straight, not much bowing the head and bending the torso not to strain your muscles.

If by occupation you have long daily read, make the fixture on the table (music stand) to support book high enough and inclined to the table so your upper body then you do not need to tilt forward.

Behind the wheel of a car, try to stay stress-free. It is important that the back had good support. For this between the waist and the back of the chair, place a thin cushion that will keep the lumbar bend. Keep your head straight. After several hours of driving, get out and do the basic gymnastic exercises: twists, bends, squats — 8-10 times each.

In front of the TV, do not sit or lie long in one position. Periodically change it, get up to stretch their legs. Sat 1-1,5 hours, lean against the back of a chair or couch, relax your muscles, take a few deep breaths.


When a person is long, the spine is experiencing heavy loads, particularly lumbar it Department.

Change your position every 10-15 minutes, relying on one then the other leg, this will reduce the load on the spine.

If possible go to a place to move.

From time to time to SAG back, stretching his arms up, take a deep breath. This can be somewhat relieve the fatigue of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck, neck, back.

If you're washing dishes, Ironing, alternately put one and then the other foot on a small stool or box. Osteochondrosis and stroke better than sitting or putting the Ironing Board so as not to have to bend down low.

While cleaning the apartment, working with the vacuum cleaner also try not to bend low, better extend additional hose pipes. When cleaning under the bed, under the table, stand on one knee.

To raise an object from the floor, get down on your squat or bend over, bending your knees and leaning arm on a chair or table. So you don't overload the lumbar spine.


One of the main reasons of aggravation of degenerative disc disease and herniation of the intervertebral disc, especially in the lumbosacral — lifting and carrying heavy loads. Sharp, sudden pain in the lower back in cases when gravity is raised sharply, with a jerk, and then carry a heavy object to the side, turning his body.

Do not wear heavy burden in one hand, especially on long distance, in order not to overload the spine, split the load and carry it in both hands. It is unacceptable to hold the weight, sharply bend and stretch (lean back).

Generally patients with degenerative disc disease to lift and carry heavy loads over 15 kg is not desirable. I advise you to buy the trolley or bag on wheels.

Carrying heavy loads over long distances very comfortable backpack with wide straps. The weight of a full backpack is distributed on the weight of the spine, and hands remain free.

But if we have to lift heavy, keep the following rules:

  • Put, if you have a belt lifter or any wide belt;
  • Sit on your heels, the back should be straight, neck stiff;
  • Grabbing two hands weight rise without bending the back.
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Sleep better on a soft bed, but not on the boards. The bed should be semi-rigid to the body when a person is lying on his back, retained physiological curves (cervical lordosis, thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis). For this:

The entire width of the bed or sofa, place the shield, and the top foam thickness of 5-8 cm Cover him with a blanket and cover sheet.

When impact pain in leg under knee joint to enclose the cushion, plaid — this reduces stretching of the sciatic nerve and relieves the pain in the leg.

When back pain, many patients prefer to sleep on my stomach. So much of the back does not bend, causing even more pain at the lower abdomen puts a small pillow.

Fans of sleeping on your side to sleep on, putting one foot to the other, and the hand under the head.

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To get out of bed in the morning patients with acute manifestations of osteochondrosis can be very difficult. Act so:

  • first do some simple exercises with hands and feet;
  • then if you sleep on your back, turn on your stomach;
  • lower one leg to the floor;
  • based on this leg and hands, move your body weight on the knee and gradually get up without making any sudden movements.
And another tip. Those who like a bath, preferably dry steam (sauna), and during acute and saunas have to give.published  


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