3 unacceptable exercise in cervical osteochondrosis

Today we will talk about osteoarthritis in particular about osteochondrosis of the cervical spine Department. The fact that there is no osteoarthritis in the same Department. It is a process that necessarily affects the entire spine. Why, then, doctors diagnose the degenerative disc disease of the lumbar, cervical or thoracic?

Thus, they emphasize not the locality of the process, and its maximality. What is now most concerned about is called your low back pain. So when you have problems with any one Department, be aware that if you do nothing, ever will suffer and other departments. Subsequently, your diagnosis will expand.

Now let's talk about exercises that exacerbate such diseases as cervical osteochondrosis, and categorically contraindicated. If you already have a degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine or it yet, such exercises, you can trigger it. This is a very common exercise that many of you do, sincerely believing that these exercises improve health and have a therapeutic effect.

We will focus on three exercises. Two of them you do at home. The third is used in the pool. Everyone knows that in osteochondrosis the best treatment is swimming.

So first is exercise, which often trainers start your workout, warm-up exercises. We start rapidly waving hands and feet, to include your body. That's what some coach start to do from the head. Then there are sharp turns head up and down, side to side, twisting movement. It is categorically bad for the cervical spine.

Such movement may cause slippage of the vertebrae. At this point, your muscles have to hold the vertebrae in place. Thus, they clamped our vertebrae, but also the arteries that go to the brain.

Therefore, the effects of such sudden movements during the warm-up, lead to dizziness and blackouts. It also increases the risk of stroke. If at practice the coach starts to do these exercises, you should stop or make them with a small amplitude.

The second exercise is also very common. You do in the gym, at practice and at home. When we pump the abdominal muscles, you too should do the right thing. If you do it wrong, then the entire burden will not lie on the abdominal muscles, and neck muscles, overloading them.

When you start your hands behind your head and reach up to the knees, tense neck muscles, and abdominal muscles you are resting.You can't do that!You need hands to spread wide, elbows in, and movements to perform only body. Head, in this case, should just go along with the body as its sequel.

A third exercise. This exercise is done in water. Any neurologist will tell you that swimming has a positive effect on your spine. When you swim, the reduced pressure of muscles and joints relaxed. In the water the vertebrae do not feel pressure upstream to the downstream departments. Therefore, the pumped muscles and joints are not strained.

These conditions are ideal for the treatment or correction of low back pain. But what is the error? When you, most often it is women who swim breaststroke or crawl, then try the head as little as possible submerged in water and heavily arch your neck back to keep my head above water. Physiologically we have arranged so that on the back of the head already has a bend. If we start strongly straighten this natural physiological curve, a very large load placed on the muscles and vertebrae respectively.

There is a strong compression of the muscles and vertebrae. To avoid this exercise, when you swim, try to just head lower in the water and to raise it only for breathing, or do not try hard to raise the chin. Thus, the position of your body will be smoother and the curves of the physiological.

Here are the basic exercises people perform, mistakenly believing that they bring a benefit and it has a healing effect. published


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