Cervical osteochondrosis— treatment of folk remedies

It starts with "lumbago", then causes severe pain in the neck... And now you can't turn your head. The pain is accompanied by insomnia, start to go numb hands. To the above symptoms include dizziness and nausea. He is the scourge of young people, middle aged people and older, especially if we are talking about sitting work and wrong position during sleep. It is cervical osteochondrosis, which today we try to cure with traditional methods. Most people at the first symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease rush to the drugstore and buying a bunch of unnecessary medications. Really effective medicines that help in this disease, relatively few. In addition, prolonged rubbing of only one ointment is often enough, and taken in time, the pain after a seizure is coming back again. But the treatment of folk remedies will be a great addition to the already proven means of conservative therapy, you will return mobility and help to relieve pain. Completely cure low back pain you can no one of the existing ways, whether folk or scientific methods. But to remove the pain symptoms and reduce inflammation more than real.


The most effective folk methods

The first recipe is for those who have pain attack happened in the evening, and no drugs in the house was not. In this case, take a large leaf Indian bow length of at least 20 cm RUB their sore spots at bedtime and sleep under a warm blanket. Morning no pain will be gone, you will be able to go to work!

It happens that the Indian onion in the house. Then you can make an excellent poultice of the leaves of horseradish. It is prepared as follows: a sheet of horseradish dipped in boiling water for a few seconds and is applied on the affected place. Better this procedure be done at night, having wound a sore spot with a scarf. The first procedure will be accompanied by unpleasant sensations, like your body was put red-hot iron. Just stick it out, the skin gets used and the second pack will not be as painful. Just need five procedures. If the attack of cervical degenerative disc disease occurred in the winter, you will hardly be able to get fresh horseradish leaves. In this case, it is possible to do packs of mountain wax (scientific name: medical ozokerite). Enough to reheat some wax on the bottom of a glass, after putting it to the oilcloth. Next, the melted wax with a cloth applied to the affected area. In the preventive purposes this procedure can be carried out every three months. To remove a pain and regain the health of the neck to help the common lemon. Take three large lemons, loop them in a meat grinder together with 150 grams of peeled garlic and place this mixture into a two-liter jar. Then fill it with boiling water. To drink every morning half a Cup before meals, each time shaking well the jar. Even cheese isrich in proteins dairy product, can help you cope with cervical osteochondrosis. Let's pack it evenly on the warm woollen scarf and drip a little vinegar. Then wrap the neck and leave cheesecake wrap for the night. It is worth noting that this tool is well helps with pain in the joints. You will not believe, but normal magnets are also used for the treatment of degenerative disc disease, and very effectively. Major magnet is preferably of a round shape put on the patient's neck or under it and lie down on a flat surface. After an hour the pain subsides. A compress of potato with honey no less effective. You just have to RUB the raw potato on a fine grater and mix with honey in proportion 1:1. The resulting mixture together with fabric applied to the affected area somewhere in the 1.5 – 2 hours. Relief comes fairly quickly, but the effect does not last long. This pack is good if you need to stop the pain before some important event. But a visit to the doctor is unavoidable. Another easy recipe in the form of ointments can be prepared from simple ingredients that you have in your kitchen. Take half a pack of butter and one tablespoon flour. Mix them with one chicken egg and add to the mixture a tablespoon of 9% vinegar. Within two days the mixture was kept in a warm place, on top of the formed film is removed and discarded, and the ointment is rubbed into the sore spot. In the treatment of degenerative disc disease are well proven herbal baths. The easiest way to prepare a chamomile bath. You pour chamomile flowers with boiling water, insist, filter and take together with the broth bath. For coniferous baths needles will need to boil for 20 minutes. Using the above methods of treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease, do not overdo it. Because illiterate therapy will not cure the disease, but will only aggravate the situation.

Source: natural-medicine.ru


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