The foot fungus treatment folk remedies

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Treatment of athlete's foot or athlete's foot, tinea using methods where the use of folk remedies, has earned a wide and deserved popularity along with the usual medication. This is because the occurrence of fungal infection of the feet is very common, even popular disease of the legs and the foot fungus treatment folk remedies is one of the most affordable and high quality.

First, a nasty skin fungus stop appears in a region located between the toes. One of the first symptoms are itching, all kinds of peeling and burning sensation. The second stage in the development of the fungus is characterized by its transition into the region of the nail plate with simultaneous destruction.

The foot fungus. Symptoms List the main symptoms consists of:
started skin peeling;
— the emergence of various cracks in the skin between all his fingers;
— the emergence of light burning sensation and itching;
— appearance of scales and thickening of the skin;
— appearance of redness;
— the appearance of small bubbles with pus.

The foot fungus. Methods of treatment of the foot fungus Treatment folk remedies is largely confined to the use of a variety of baths, compresses, ointments and homemade, natural, herbal medicine.

• In cases of rapid and quite heavy development of the fungus with the presence of painful erosions and ulcers before you start the procedures for freeing the stop from the mold, it is necessary to use a specially prepared bath containing a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This solution is the best tool in the fight against infection is described. The feet just before bedtime should be good to steam, and then wrap gauze that is impregnated with a corresponding solution of potassium permanganate.

• As the fungus formed on the feet and nails, his surrender in an acidic environment, the use of wine, cider or vinegar (9%) help to cope with it.

The simplest is the way in which in the evening it is necessary to wet the skin and the area of the nail plate vinegar solution and put on foot thick socks. Then go to bed.

Treatment vinegar can be supplemented with iodine. The proportions for the solution of the following: equal parts — water, 9% vinegar and 5% tincture of iodine are mixed, further lubricated by the affected foot and the nails.

Vinegar baths are done at night for 1 — 2 hours. Before immersion in the bath where you added Apple cider or wine vinegar, the feet must be washed thoroughly. The concentration used should be selected individually for each patient, the higher the rate, the more effective and faster treatment. Be sure to remember the fact that during the ulcers and erosion of the mortar too strong a concentration may be unpleasant and painful to corrode the skin.

• For the procedure exfoliate and soften the necessary hard-core Horny layers, prevents the penetration of therapeutic ointments and creams useful in lesions direct lesions, should be not less than once in ten days to use soap-soda bath light.

For its preparation it is necessary in seven to ten liters of hot water add three tablespoons teaspoon soda, pre-brewed in boiling water, and three tablespoons of finely planed economic or tar soap. The foot should be kept in the bath for fifteen or twenty minutes, then with pumice, nail files or nail scissors, gently peel away the affected skin and nails. At the end of the legs completely rinse with clean water.

• Few people know that the foot fungus treatment folk remedies with the help of such a wonderful product like coffee is also very quick and easy. To get the desired getting rid of a fungal disease you just have to brew the coffee strong consistency and feet immersed in this composition. The best time taking a bath are the hours before bedtime. After a week of daily receptions, coffee baths the fungus will completely disappear. In addition, the skin on the legs is perfectly even and smooth, will all the painful symptoms.

• Another popular recipe, where the foot fungus treatment folk remedies very effective is the use of equal proportions of green leaves of burdock, fresh plantain, sage and yarrow, which pour boiling water and infuse. After pohojdeniya infusion to a suitable temperature tolerant, can immerse his feet in. At the end of the procedure bath tub feet wipe dry and grease with special anti-fungal ointment.

• The following folk recipe in one liter of boiling water poured four tablespoons herb celandine, next, the broth must simmer for three minutes. Soar feet in this solution you need for thirty minutes. This bath should be taken in twenty days, without missing a single day. In addition, each evening is recommended to apply compresses with the addition of this decoction of two tablespoons of ordinary vinegar.

• A wonderful tool in the fight against fungal diseases of the foot is the use of procaine gadgets. A cotton piece impregnated with novocaine and applied to the affected areas of the skin overnight. Basically need only two times to completely get rid of this unnecessary disease.

• Antifungal ointments can also be used the most ordinary, thoroughly washed raw chicken egg, which pour a hundred grams of acetic standard (70%) essences. It should completely cover the egg. Put the solution in a warm and rather dark place. After a week, the egg shell is completely dissolved. Then add one hundred grams of butter quality of butter. The mixture that is obtained by whipping.

Every day after legs steamed, lubricate the foot with fungus with ointment and wrap with plastic wrap, and put socks on top. This procedure is desirable to do immediately before bedtime. Ointment stored in the refrigerator.



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