Awareness through movement: bending back

Many people find that they can't easily bend back that they lack flexibility and strength. This lesson (author Frank Wildman) will give you the opportunity to experience both, and will also improve your awareness of how connected the back and hips for this movement.


1. Start with, lie on your back with outstretched arms and legs. Make contact with the floor and notice which parts of your spine felt as can most easily bend back. Can you imagine that when lying on your back?



2. After this "scanning" turn over and lie on your stomach; let your legs are a comfortable distance from each other. Place both hands on floor beside head, elbows out to the sides, fingertips almost touch each other. Put your chin or forehead on the floor and imagine that right in front of your hands is a small insect. Lift your head to see it.

Now imagine how it runs further away from you on the wall in front of you — watching him with her eyes, lift your head.

After that, see how it runs up to the ceiling. Try to watch an imaginary insect as far as you can without strain. Allow your chest to move away from the floor and use your hands to help yourself, so you can see a little further. Do not move the arms no matter what.

Repeat this movement gently, slowing down the breathing and not gripping jaw 2 or 3 times slowly and carefully.

Recommendations for awareness: When you watch this imaginary insect, you will start to feel the back of your head extends to your pelvis. Notice how the front side of your body begins to move away from the floor: the chest, the lower ribs, belly. You can use your hands, pushing from the floor, but make sure you use the back as the main initiator of the movement. Move similarly up and down several times.

If you watch the "escape" of an imaginary insect up, you will feel that the head starts moving, then chest off the floor before you start to use hands. Thus the back is used first.

Completely relax lying on your back.


3. Place your hands in position for push-UPS, so that they went from the shoulders to the sides while his elbows were pointing up. Again watch imaginary insects. This time when you look up you will note that the head goes up first. Not just pushing his hands needed as an auxiliary means of support of the spine, but the back starts to work and makes the most of it. Allow your arms to straighten up if you get it, but while driving, pay attention to how the front part of the body gradually "detaches" from the floor when you look up.

Move up and down thus moving away and again approaching the floor.



4. Repeat the movement again, only this time allow your head to hang down fully. Let's see if you can raise your body, when the head is loose. Try to do like this when you look at your chest and your stomach.

After you perform this movement a couple of times, again, return to the original version of the movement with his head.

Relax lying on her stomach and resting her hands and head in any convenient way for you. If you feel tension in the back, freely move your pelvis from side to side so that the heel was loose.



5. Now turn your face to the right. Raise your right leg about 5 inches off the floor with a straight knee, then slowly lower it down. Raise the hip and knee just a few inches.

Can you feel what your doing shoulders when you raise your foot up and lowered down? What does your rib cage?

Try to move the leg easily and slowly, just a little bit up and down to feel how this action affects the muscles of the back.



6. Turn your head the other way. Can you imagination to imagine as your left leg rises up to 2-5 centimeters? I guess you will feel the top of your back and shoulders?

Now lift your hip off the floor. Remember, just for a little bit. Is it easier to lift the leg compared to the other, or harder?


7. Again slightly lift the leg off the floor. Imagine that the foot you are going to paint on an imaginary canvas. Your toes try to draw a small circle in the air, not from ankle and thigh to make you feel like the whole leg is a handle brush, and toes — its tip, which you "draw".

Feel how round you can make a drawing of a circle.



8. Turn your head the other way. Imagine that the left leg does the same motion. Lift your hip a few inches off the floor and start drawing a circle on an imaginary canvas of his left leg.

You will feel that your buttocks will be very involved in the work. Try not to overwork and to keep the knee straight.

Recommendations for awareness: the more round turns, the trajectory of the legs, the more you "awaken" all the muscle fibers in the gluteal region. Relax, when you want to do it, and repeat the movement in the opposite direction.

You may find that the movement in one direction more difficult than in the other. Also perform this movement with the other leg. Fully relax.


9. Now bring your hands under your head, so you can put your chin on the back of the palms, the palms while lying on the floor.

Be careful prior to you begin the next movement.

Raise your head and both hands together from the floor: elbows, hands and head, the arms and head as if glued together. Take it slow, feel your back.

You'll feel like your chest off the floor. As your hands together, you can notice how your elbows are beginning to reach back, up to the ceiling to help you to rise above.

Will it be easier to perform this movement, if you slightly lift your legs up?


10. Can you raise your hands and head again as a whole, lingering in the air? Can you raise the head and hands, and then put his hands down on the floor, and again raise to the chin?

Raise and lower them several times. Do you feel the impact of these movements on your feet?

Fully relax and easily move your pelvis from side to side to remove all the tension.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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