Why young people are increasingly concerned about the environment and less consider themselves environmentalists

Recent studies show that advanced youth refuses to wear the label "Environmentalist" (only 32% called themselves environmentalists, so good), but nonetheless, more and more people begin to care about the environment. There was a substitution of concepts and the green movement is gaining momentum.

If before title ecologist was popular, a recent poll showed that young people due to various factors, I prefer not to call themselves environmentalists. But they are increasingly involved in different petitions and collecting votes for the adoption of environmental laws increasingly include global warming results from human activities, vote in favor of environmentally sound policies, green energy development and tax incentives for hybrid vehicles.
Here are a few qualities that, according to various studies, have become increasingly familiar to today's youth:

In addition:

  • 50% of this generation describe themselves as politically independent
  • 29 % say they are not affiliated with any religion;
  • 81% of them are present in social networks and have 250 friends
The collected data strongly resonate with bitumin among marketers opinion that no one wants to be an environmentalist, and therefore is a high enough demand for the goods produced sustainably. Was a substitution of concepts, which, apparently, is connected, including, and manipulation in the field of ecology. Large manufacturers relied on low environmental consciousness of youth. The omission of the big brands are now trying to actively fix, actively publishing their achievements in the field of sustainable development in social networks. In the annual Index of social sustainability is trying to get more and more companies claiming sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Today's youth is becoming more difficult to sell something and this is forcing manufacturers to put on the path of ecological development, no matter who believes or does not consider himself an environmentalist.

And we look forward to when this path will rise more and more companies.


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