House on wheels – practicality and beauty

Two freelancer Chris is a photographer and Melissa is a 3d animator and designer, created this beautiful and practical house on wheels not only for life and work, but also as a demonstration of their skills in the design, construction, 3D modeling, photography and, most importantly, the ability to generate income from small houses.

The house they built completely on their own with the exception of the roof. Here it is parked in a rented Parking lot near Washington.

Skills 3d rendering they really helped. Melissa says: "We designed and built a house from plans that I made in 3D. I'm a 3D artist, so it was a great way to visually see the house before it is built."

Professional photographer in the house is also very useful. This is one of the most thoroughly documented and beautifully presented projects of little houses on wheels I've seen. For this, Chris used a super wide angle lens, without which it is simply impossible to take pictures of these things.

Kitchen and bathroom are just down the corridor under the bedroom.

The kitchen is bright with two large Windows and two gas ring stove on the kitchen surface.


The water is stored in 40-liter tank. Water from the sink goes into the sump which goes out. They use a natural soap to reduce damage to the environment.

Shower room made of wine barrels. A simple composting toilet with a bucket and sawdust. There's certainly been better solutions, like this dry toilet DryFlash.

The living area is very spacious with high ceilings. To the right hangs a folding table under the big monitor.

The window in the loft to increase space in the attic, in the summer they probably serve as good ventilation.

Everything is very compact and practical: a working space, shelves with things stacked under the sofa. Maybe it's not too good to work so close to the fridge, though...

All trim and insulation was done with their hands, used only natural materials: wool and wood, no drywall and particleboard. Note the metal plates to protect wiring from chafing on the joints. Most people would hardly bother with such things.

Appearance with table and solar panel. Since the house is small, it is cheap to operate. Total cost of the house does not exceed the price of an inexpensive car according to the owners, it cost them approximately 20 000$

Chris and Melissa did a good job, and seem to be trying to make a business out of this, plans courses and books on building and designing small houses on wheels. Chris is definitely one of the best photographers of small houses, which I saw, and Melissa is a wonderful animator.


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