This house on wheels has everything you need: easy 6 people can live!

Many dream of a wooden house in the forest on the picturesque banks of the river... For some it remains a dream, while others make every effort to implement it.

It's clear that not all have the means to buy land and built on it the house. A motorhome is a great alternative solution to this situation. And we are not talking about a tiny stuffy van, and about a full house!

House koleshko look like can be arranged in this miracle on wheels... high-Quality upholstery, sturdy wood furniture, everything is left to chance!

This compact kitchen has created below it to write masterpieces! Some might argue that conventional plastic lining, opened paint... Anything like that: everything is done on the highest level.

It's great with the beginning of holiday the whole family to travel! Tonight you stay under the rustle of trees in the forest, and tomorrow under the soothing sounds of the surf... And all this with comfort. Life in such an incredible house, definitely will turn into a solid adventure.

Watch the video with a collection of images of houses on wheels, which allow the trip to enjoy the comfort of home.

What do you think, could you live in such a house? I would, for example, with pleasure! Share "Site" my opinion.

The author

Marina Artemova Loves to photograph the beauty of nature, enjoys handmade. Son Vanya had taught the mother to cope with any household tasks effortlessly: Marina knows how to get the most stubborn stains and to clean the house in minutes. Interested in the most acute, various life issues, never remain aloof from what actually matters! Favorite book Marina — "gone with the wind" by M. Mitchell.


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